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May 29, 2008 04:01 PM

Sungari Pearl-PDX

Planning to eat lunch at Sungari Pearl on a Saturday, after PSU graduation in a few weeks. A semi-celebratory family lunch (small crowd). Anyway, I know its recommended, but who can expound a little? Thanks.

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  1. Never been. Not really on my radar, either. I will recommend that you save room for dessert and go to the gelato shop down the block (Via Delizia).

    1. I've eaten there twice and found it to be neither very good nor authentic.

      1. I have not been, but saw it recommended as the best Sichuan place in town on another website,, and then looked at the menu online. There is absolutely nothint Sichuan on that menu, and it looks like a pretty typical American Chinese place, which, to me, means not very appetizing. And, unless they have a second, all Chinese menu, I don't plan on wasting a meal there.

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          The state of Sichuan places in Portland is really sad for this to be the best.

          1. re: sambamaster

            The quick concession is that for all of Portland's large Chinese population, Vietnamese is its best ethnic cuisine. Because there isn't a large critical mass of foreign nationals, Portland doesn't have the ability to sustain a truly authentic restaurant, as it has to cater to the whims not only to the American palate, but also to the nearby Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Mexican and Filipinos who share the same neighborhood. There's diversity, but no concentration.

            I would check out Mandarin House on SW 2nd and Burnside if you want Sichuan cuisine. The chef is from the Shandong region but trained in Sichuan.

            1. re: SauceSupreme

              Hmmm this is all ineresting, as it has come pretty highly rated by someone who knows their PDX food. Anyone actually had a good experience there??

              1. re: aviva1

                I took my parents there and we all hated it (especially them). It's like Wild Ginger mixed with PF Chang's, only even worse. Bleh. Reminded me of Thai food I had in Iowa.

                Chinese food is not something to be had for a special occasion in Portland.

              2. re: SauceSupreme

                i'll post a complete report separately, but I might, if you really want "better" Chinese, suggest Mandarin House as well. Went last night, nice food, place is interesting. BUT, the food worth ordering, by and large, is on the untranslated Chinese portion of the menu. I"d suggest going in ahead of time, reserve your tables, and go over a menu with someone there who can translate that menu. I had two very good dishes, both from that page, oddly, the two dishes from the translated portion of the menu were not so great, including the oft-mentioned "xiao long bao" which were dry and chewy. Maybe if they had been fresh... In any case, this may be the best, most authentic non-Cantonese place in town from what I've read....Portland is not a hotbed of amazing Chinese food.