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May 29, 2008 03:49 PM

Short girls visit to chicago

Visiting chicago with mother and daughter
I am visiting chicago with mother (in the 60s) and daughter - she is 7, will be going to American Girl. Wondering about fun dinner places - nothing that is just for kids but something a kid would enjoy! Any ideas?

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  1. I prefer "vertically-challenged."

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    1. re: aelph

      Big Bowl Cafe, Water Tower. TONS of Pizza places, I prefer Malnatis. I'm not crazy about the AG cafe and you MUST (they say) have a reservation, even at off times.

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        That is true, you do need a reservation for AG. But I think that it is worth it if you are with a little girl...the room decor, service, quality of food and price is actually very fair and good for the area.

        But I forgot about the Water Tower food court which is also a good idea. I have not taken my little ones to Bistro 110, but I have heard that they are accommodating to children albeit from the reviews the food is okay at best.

    2. Did you check out the dinner options at American Girl? I have had lunch and tea service there with my little girl, and the food was actually very good and the view is great.

      There are plenty of fun pizza places in the area as well...Gino's East being a little more "fun" you are allowed to write on almost everything in the place.

      Heaven on Seven is not terribly far either and that generally has a fun atmosphere and is child friendly.

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        I like a b it of heat, but Heaven on Seven is VERY -- even unpleasantly -- spicy hot in almost all their entrees. I think it is a poor choice for a child. I know a lot of people like it, but frankly, I think it is a poor choice for most people.

        My kids have always loved going to the food court at Water Tower where they can check out different stations. Another second to Big Bowl and California Pizza Kitchen for kids.

        1. re: chicgail

          Take this as you may, but you're the first person I've ever read describe H7's food as spicy hot. Most think it's relatively bland. Further it's a misnomer that cajun/creole cuisine, in general, should be spicy hot. H7 tends to gear their food for a common Midwestern palate and leave the chile heat up to the patron by providing tables laden with chile sauces. I'm sure there's something lurking on the menu somewhere that's a mouth-scorcher, but I've never found it. It's not the po-boys, the orzofee', or the andouilles, that's for sure.

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            Taking a look at the online dinner menu I see ten dishes designated with a chile pepper symbol out of a pretty extensive listing. Steer away from those and you'd still have a ton of things to choose from.

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              I usually don't have a problem with heat in food (except for that killer fresh Thai pepper I bit into last month ... but I digress...), but I've found -- even with salads or dishes without the "chile pepper symbol -- that the heat at Heaven on Seven so overpowers any other flavor that I'm left uncomfortable and unsatisfied. Maybe I've just hit bad days, but it's been so unpleasant that I've simply written it off my list.