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May 29, 2008 03:41 PM

SATC Girls Night out in Chelsea, 5/31

Hi folks,

A bunch of us (40-ish) women are getting together to see Sex and the City on Saturday night at 9pm at the Clearview Chelsea. The group includes an attorney, manager of a trendy restaurant (unfortunately, she hasn't offered any suggestions on where to go; she is new to New York), information services manager for a top law firm, etc. and we are looking for a place where we can get martinis/cosmos (natch) and possibly food (or hors d'ouevres). The theatre is at 23 between 7th/8th.

Some of the suggestions that have been made include:

Flatiron Lounge - great martinis; no food - the tapas place nearby is always jammed;
The Park - beautiful, big space; not great service; not great food - I'm leaning to this place;
Safran - not crazy about the place but it can be a fallback;
Suenos - high-end Mexican; I know nothing about it;
Bottino - ditto;
El Quixote - double ditto;
Klee Brasserie - triple ditto;
Porters - another fallback option

I'm looking for something that's not too crazy-packed but not too sleepy - a place where we can get in and out in 2 hours; something sophisticated and/or a bit trendy (if possible) and fun for a group of adult women who expect good service. It would be a bonus if it was a short walk to the theatre from the restaurant.

Thank you for any help!

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  1. cookshop (or my place).

      1. Not sure if this is too far away, but PS 450 on 30th and Park is a lot of fun.. they have great food - more than typical bar food, great drinks, semi trendy. It's usually not too packed on summer weekend nights. They have a website so you can look it up.

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          Thank you CSP84 - I will check out the website!

        2. Could consider del Posto or Matsuri- both in meatpacking /chelsea west 15/16th. Not sure about reservation times that work but just checked open table and there were openings 9-1030 if that works... however probably you would just hang at the very elegant bar area. Both spaces are beautiful and we have had excellent (although very young) service at both.

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            Thank you for your suggestions! I didn't see it until today and we got together last night. However, I have been wanting to go to del Posto (and we passed it on the way to dinner and I was certainly impressed with the elegant front of the building. I will also check out Matsuri.

            We ended up at Safran (7th & 15th) which was perfectly fine. The martinis and other cocktails we had (one was the "Asian Persuasion" which was quite tasty) were great and when I told our waiter that we had to be out of the restaurant in an hour and fifteen minutes, he was fine with that (and got us out of there in time). The food was okay but it was efficiently and elegantly served. I split some vegetarian spring rolls (I'm glad I split them - there were 6 pieces and 3 of them for me was enough) and then got the Vietnamese steak for dinner with some sort of spring salad on the side. I enjoyed the spring salad very much but the steak was bland (even the sauce they had on it was bland). The restaurant and bar area were trendy-looking in a way that was fun for the evening we had planned. I didn't love the bartender, though. She recommended a vodka I did not love (Ciroc) despite my misgivings and then the host wanted to seat us and she didn't want us to move the tab to the table but she wouldn't give me the price of my drink so I could pay and join my friends. Instead, she left me waiting and continued mixing a drink and then she printed out the tab for 3 of us with no individual prices for our drinks. Again, we had to ask her for the price of our drinks. I was not impressed with the bartender (there was only 1 other person at the bar so it's not like she was busy or stressed). Overall, for a pre-girls night out for SATC, I'd give it a 7.5 (no problem getting a reservation, we were sat immediately, they got us out of there when we needed to leave and the cocktails were tasty). For non- girls night out evenings, I'd say it's a good place to get a cocktail but go somewhere else for food.

            Thanks for everyone's suggestions!