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May 29, 2008 03:02 PM


We stopped in at Betty's pies for our second and third trips there to have pie this past weekend. We had their blueberry and pecan pies. The blueberry is very good there. It has a very blueberry taste without being overwhelmed by having excessive sugar added to it. The fruit filling has a good texture. It feels like you are chewing blueberries. The crust is dry and crumbly with a light sprinkling of sugar. The pecan pie was good too. It was not overly sweet and had a good toasty pecan flavor. The blueberry pie that we had on our last visit this weekend was much thinner than on the other two occasions that we visited.

We had blueberry pie and a mixed fruit pie at The Pie Place in Grand Marais this past weekend too. The pie that we tried at The Pie Place had more of a "pie filling" texture and taste to it. Both flavors were overly sweet with lots of added sugar. They cook them and store them cold at The Pie Place. The blueberry pie was cold and the liquid from the filling had soaked through the crust which was soggy and tasteless to us. We had the mixed fruit pie warmed. Warming it brought out the overly sugared taste even more than the cold pie.

We much prefer Betty's Pies over The Pie Place.

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  1. Mike, elevate yourself to Connoissuer (sp?) of North Shore Delicacies. I went to college in Duluth - still visit 1-2 times year - Betty's still a must visit. After 30 years! Sometimes destination places are hard to describe. Just will say, if you are in or near Duluth, go to Betty's!

    1. Glad you posted. I visited Split Rock Lighthouse a few weeks ago and was curious about Betty's Pies when I passed. The parking lot was packed (usually a good sign). Next time I'll make sure to stop. The Duluth area seems to be good-food-challenged. I survive only on The Original Coney Island (can't stand those Grandma's restaurants).
      Thanks for the tip.

      1. Not wanting or have the time to make the trek north? Betty's is opening up here in Mahtomedi/Dellwood/WBL just east of Hwy 120 and Co. Rd. E, not sure when however.

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          Man I kick myself for driving past the place for several years, hands down a great place to eat, They have the best pie I've eaten, some chocolate cinnamin thing, can't remember the name, in know it's a popular pie, last time we were there they were out of it.

          Hey TED let us know when it opens, I can't wait, don't have the time to make the 3 hour drive.

          1. re: mnxd9

            MNXD9 - Betty's Pies is open in Mahtomedi!

            1. re: rachelflanagan

              Thank you for the heads up! I'm making a trip there as soon as I can afford the time, I'll be sure to post a review.

        2. The North Shore is blessed with three very good pie stops at Betty's, the Rustic Inn in Castle Danger and The Pie Place in Grand Marais. I've tried them all and I give the nod to The Pie Place. The Pie Place Maple Apple Cream is superb.

          Here is the Maple Apple Cream, Betty's Blueberry and Great Lakes Crunch and Rustic Inn's Blueberry and Strawberry Rhubarb.

          1. Redheaditalian, totally agree with you on Grandma's. Even the original has become extremely sterile.

            Here's a place to try next time you are in Duluth - Pickwick. Family owned. Great onion rings and tap beer in the german-accented bar. Typical American food - but done well- in the dining room. No reservations - quaint, though some say frustrating.

            And I have a not-so-secret fondness for family-run restaurants that close on Sunday's so they can spend that day after a long hard week with their own family...