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May 29, 2008 03:01 PM

Jitlada: I need your help with what to order

I'm a Thai food novice. I think I should like it but I haven't really liked dishes I've had at Thai restaurants close to me in Santa Monica--Toi and Thai Dishes. I've eaten Toi mostly because it's open after the bars close and it's an easy walk from my house.

I want to go to Jitlada this weekend to try real Thai food and I want to order correctly as opposed to safely. Artichokes and mayonnaise are about the only foods I dislike by themselves. I have no allergies. I like pork, beef, chicken and lamb. I like spicy and I don't usually care for savory dishes that are sweet. Curry dishes with coconut milk taste good for a few bites but I find them overwhelming as a main dish.
I'm only going with one other person, so I won't be able to order many things and split them.

One other thing--if you say I should order something with a Thai name, can you please translate it?

Thanks very much for your suggestions.

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  1. You didn't mention whether you like seafood -- I hope so, because those are among the best dishes on the specials menu.
    I would choose three or four dishes from among these selections on the Southern Thai menu. If you don't want all seafood, the turmeric chicken soup is good too.
    Some great seafood dishes:
    blue crab salad with lemongrass in a piquant, spicy sauce;
    fat steamed mussels in a delicate broth;
    Fried softshell crab curry,
    zingy rice salad similar to the blue crab salad, but sweeter and less spicy;
    clam curry with betel leaves
    mango salad with shrimp
    a whole bass showered with fried garlic,
    fishballs stuffed with egg in yellow curry sauce.
    Here's some photos to help guide you:

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      Thanks, Chowpatty. That's a huge help.

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        Agreed. Seafood is the way to go. I really enjoy the muscles and the softshell crab curry.

      2. You will likely find this thread helpful. I know I did.