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May 29, 2008 02:31 PM

Delivery to Forest Hill

Do our experts have any favourites for delivery to Forest Hill? I would like to steer clear of the Spring Rolls/Ho-Lee Chow variety (although there's nothing like Canadian-Chinese after a night of drinks).

Asian, Italian, Moroccan etc...any type of food is welcome.

Delivery that I've tried:
Bombay Masala
Thai Satay
Bua Thai

Thank You in advance,

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  1. If you enjoy Middle Eastern, try Tabule (on Yonge, north of Davisville, but will deliver as far west as Bathurst and as far south as Dupont). It's really great food, packed with flavour, and is for the most part much healthier than typical delivery. Try the fattush salad with chicken, the garlic tomatoes, the garlic shrimp, etc., etc....mmm...

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      If you still go in for the old style Chinese-Canadian goodies (a guilty pleasure a couple of times a month at our house) look no further than that institution on Eglinton just West of Bathurst...CHINA HOUSE. I live in the area between St. Clair and Dupont west of Avenue Road (not quite the Village but not the Annex either) They have been delivering to us since 1972...yah, we're up there with the 'golden oldies! China House makes the absolute best BBQ Long Ribs!

    2. i'd like to second this request. China House is not an option. House of Chan - don't even joke about suggesting it.

      if only Cynthia's or Lee Garden delivered/opened up shop in the Forest Hill vicinity!!