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May 29, 2008 01:42 PM

Best deal All 'you can eat' Japanese restaurant ?

Hey Guys ?
I am a sushi lover.
Rescently from my friends recommondation I went to Yukiyama at La Canada.
Price was 23.95 little bit expensive but pretty much worth it.
They say because they don't do the all you can deal for dinner but using same quality fish for all you can eat of lunch. As you know when you go to all you can eat sushi .. you know .. fish sucks ..

Would you please recommend other gooooood all you can eat sushi place ?

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    1. re: wilafur

      Second Midori. I like the Sherman oaks one best. Good fish dinner AYCE, nice Itames, and pretty good execution for AYCE

        1. re: magmax02

          No, I mean Midori. Tokyo Ice is in Encino, as is another Midori. There are currently 3 Midoris-Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino.

    2. I have yet to find an AYCE sushi place that is worth my time or money.

      Go to Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo, sit at a table and order the sushi combo or sashimi combo, get out of there for under $35, and eat the best quality fish.

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      1. re: WHills

        I personally liked the Joe's Sushi in Lakewood. I didn't order much of the raw fish though. Pretty good rolls.


          1. re: magmax02

            where's Sushi Gen?


            1. re: magmax02

              LASt I checked, Sushi Gen was not "all you can eat"

              1. re: Diana

                No it is not. Sushi Gen is not a all you can eat.. but still good price good food.
                Sushi Gen is at Honda Plaza in Little Tokyo.

                1. re: magmax02

                  The OP requested AYCE. No way can you get as much for your money at Sushi Gen

          2. IMHO, AYCE sushi is not "good". There are good to great sushi bars that serve reasonable omakase "bargains".

            Kiriko has an excellent $30 omakase lunch. It might not fill you up, but a bargain.
            Kanpachi in Gardena has a $34 omakase lunch that is also very good. Not quite as good as Kiriko, but more sushi.

            Just another option to think about.

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            1. re: Ogawak

              Actually, Midori is worht the $$. No, it's not Asanebo, Urasawa, or Niozawa. But the sushi is waaaayyy above supermarket stuff. In fact, I'd say the sushi I've had there on my sushi binges (rare, but necessary for mental health) is a step above many sushi bars you might find all over town.

              For about $25-$30 (I forget the price) you can get a good selection of well-made sushi, or rolls, if you wish (yes, even goopy theme rolls) or stuff from the appetizer menu or more! And frankly, I've never been held to the "time limit". As long as you're not there all night, they let you go over an hour. Check it out.


              1. re: Diana

                90 percent of the time, I'm pleased with Midori. A bargain, and the yellowtail belly and Hawaiian king mackeral are stunning. The shrimp, salmon are merely passable. I mean, when you can get out of any sushi place after eating like five rolls, six pieces of sushi and three appetizers for 40 bucks? Please, girl. A total bargain. :)

                Does anyone know about the rating system that the suppliers use on sushi grade fish? I hear there's a one to five scale rating on the fish and the suppliers charge accordingly. And I also hear the restaurants on sushi row in Studio City use the same suppliers (except for nozawa.)

                1. re: brutusln

                  They all use the same suppliers, even Nozawa. Mostly IMP downtown, and there are several specialty suppliers.
                  There is no rating system I have ever seen, and the term "sushi or sashimi grade" was invented by supermarkets.
                  I have been having lunch at Toshi Sushi on 1st and Central where the lunch specials are under $20 and there is also a dinner special for just a bit more. AYCE sushi is never good, IMO it's better to seek out good sushi bargains. Have more rice if you're still hungry.

                  1. re: brutusln

                    must respectfully disagree about any of the fish served at Midori being 'stunning.'

                    the only thing 'stunning' at Midori is the stunning bargain that it is, the fish quality is, imho, fair--far better than other ayce places but not actually good. of course, it is probably impossible to offer a good-quality ayce and still stay in business. . .

                2. re: Ogawak

                  you are absolutely correct when you say that kiriko's lunch special "might not fill you up."
                  it has never filled me up.

                  it should be noted that at kiriko they will not necessarily tell you when the lunch special is over and they will let you go on and order more sushi at the regular, additional, price while you are thinking it is all a part of the lunch special.

                  when the tab comes, that is when you get the unpleasant surprise.

                3. I haven't been, but there's a place called, "Tokoro" on Fair Oaks, right next to the Papa John's in South Pasadena, that has a lunch special AYCE sushi for $20. From other reviews I've read, apparently it changed ownership and is pretty good now, compared to before.

                  I think it starts at 11:30am and goes to 3pm?