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May 29, 2008 01:32 PM

Comfort in Watertown

Comfort opened fairly recently, I think within the past few months, upstairs from Molana in Watertown Square. There's no sign on the outside, so you have to know it's there -- even when you walk in, there's a framed poster on the wall with a picture of sheep that says "Comfort," but it looks more like wall art than a sign. Upstairs, it's a cozy two-room restaurant -- one side is a bar with a flat-screen TV and deep red walls, and the other side is an exposed-brick dining room with a handful of tables. Nice space, with loud jazz playing. It was empty when we went at 9 p.m. on a Tuesday.

We had the kibeh (lamb meatball) served with tzatziki and raw baby carrots, and the mac and cheese with green beans. The kibeh was good, a step up from what I can get on my block (which contains Arax, Sevan, and Massis), although I'm not sure what the carrots were supposed to add. The mac and cheese was bland -- there were lots of recommendations for it on Yelp and I have no idea why, because I thought it was pretty standard -- but was improved by some hot sauce. Seasoning on the green beans was tasty.

Also on the menu: a few salads, burritos, braised chicken, beef stew. Sorbet (or ice cream? I think it was sorbet) was the only dessert option.

Prices are reasonable, about $14 for a typical entree. I don't know if we'll be back. The menu is fairly small and the food was fine, but I don't think it was worth travelling. I can walk to Strip-T's and get better food for the same prices, even though it has no ambiance like Comfort does. If you live in the neighborhood, I think it's worth checking out.

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  1. They have had a few sponsorship announcements on WBUR lately - for persian food downstairs and a full bar and comfort food upstairs. So, can one now get drinks at Molana? Or the molana menu upstairs? the major flaw of Molana for me was lack of liquor license (although availability of mac and cheese for my sadly unadventurous children is another plus).

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      I don't know if Molana has a full liquor license but we certainly had wine with dinner there a month or so ago.

      Link to my post about Molana:

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        We asked about this when we visited Comfort. The owner came out to see how everything was and in the course of the conversation we learned that Molana serves beer and wine now while Comfort upstairs is full bar. Not sure about ordering off the different menus, didn't think to ask that. Also found out that they are having some issues with the town in regards to signage but they are working on it.

        We really enjoyed our dinner at Comfort ordering the crab cakes, mac n cheese as well as the maple glazed salmon. Crab cakes were great served over a really fresh tasting apple slaw. The combo of the crisp apples and the crab cakes was a good one. I liked the fact that the crab cakes weren't drenched in some sort of heavy sauce.

        I had the mac n cheese and was impressed with the cheese sauce. I tend to stay away from mac and cheese in restaurants b/c it's hard to get the right consistency in the sauce but this was very impressive and creamy without being too soupy. I was also impressed by the size of the helping, a good sized crock that I thought would bring me leftovers but I actually ended up finishing it. My dining companion had maple glazed salmon which looked and tasted really good. It was a large portion of salmon and the glaze was not too sweet and didn't completely hide the taste of the fish. Salmon was served with a green salad as well as a side of lentils. Almost forgot about the green beens that came with the mac n cheese. They were cooked so that they were still crisp and had some sort of seasoning on them that was really tasty.

        Having only been opened for about 6 weeks when we visited, we were quite impressed with the space which is warm and cozy. As with any new restaurant, I think there are a few kinks to work out but we look forward to our next visit.

      2. Went there last night. The place was completely empty at 7:00, and had two other customers when we left at about 8:00. The operation is a little amateur: I ordered the braised chicken and was informed that it would take at least 30 minutes because they "make everything from scratch." So we got chicken wings and their burger instead. The burger was large (RFO's shape), seasoned, and cooked to order (if anything, a little rarer than medium rare). It has good flavor and texture, but lacked the char-grilled taste which distinguishes the best burgers for me. On the whole, I prefer the burgers at Wild Willy's, around the corner. The wings were average size, nicely crispy, and served with mild buffalo sauce and tzatziki (or the Persian version of it, which we substituted for the bleu cheese.)

        I think they need to work on smoothing things out and making the menu a little more coherent ($13 for a half chicken, but $14 for a burrito?), but the place showed some promise. Will maybe be back for another shot if this place survives.