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May 29, 2008 01:24 PM

Dinner in Bellevue before "Sex and the City"

Hi folks. Looking for a good spot in Bellevue to have dinner with a group of friends friday night before we go see the "Sex and the City" premier at Lincoln Square. So should be a fun atmosphere with good drinks and good food. Still somewhat new to the area, the only thing that came to mind was Trader Vic's, but from what I understand their food is not all that great. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Joey's is across the skybridge in the Bellevue Place building. Food is good, ambiance is more youthful than a lot of the surrouding options. The bar has booths and the bar tends to be crowded more often than not. Eclectic menu also.

    Otherwise, maybe the Tap House in the Galleria. A short walk from Lincoln Square, but very doable. Yama (japanese fusion) is in the same building, although it's hit or miss with there being a crowd. I do like the food there though.

    1. Joeys is a fine "sex and the city" option.

      Interesting, more 'original' location is 520 Bar and Grill right on Main St. - about 1/2 mi. from Lincoln Square. Always full, very fun atmosphere. A "locals" find.

      1. Obviously, it's a taste thing, but in my opinion, Joey's isn't really good for anything aside from perhaps the good looking waitresses - which I assume your party is not much interested. The food is passable at best, really boring at worst. It's overly crowded with fratty dudes and Bellevue's divorcees on the prowl.

        Right next door to Joey's is Twisted Cork Wine Bar - not perfect but certainly about 10 steps above the quality of Joey's.

        Both (along with everything else in that immediate area) will be crowded on a Friday night.