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May 29, 2008 01:12 PM

La Brochette, is it ever good?

I've been here twice and was disappointed both times. Now we have to go again (for a birthday) and I'm hoping this is the time that my experience will match all of the great reviews this place gets. If anyone that's been can make recommendations, I'd really appreciate it. I don't remember what we had in the past (both times we got specials that weren't on the menu) but if you've been and enjoyed it, please let me know what you had. Thanks.

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  1. My experience has been like yours, very disappointed. My recommendation is to go to another restaurant.

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    1. re: rebus1805

      I would but it's not my choice so I'm stuck. Hopefully I can get some good feedback on here to make this experience better.

      1. re: IDGuofM

        I usually get the chicken schnitzel over pasta and love it. It made with Panko bread crumbs. We had a conch steak appetizer that was a special that was lemony and tender. We also had a few fish specials, one I remember from Hawaii if I'm not mistaken, and they were all good. What did you have that was not good? Was it not fresh, not seasoned, I'm curious since we always enjoy it there.


        1. re: Pennstater

          Ok so the official answer to the question is: NO, it's not ever really good. We went and did the birthday dinner 2 nights ago and all together, it was pretty terrible. I started out with the calamari with 3 sauces. They cut their calamari like fish sticks, which didn't make it too aesthetically appealing, and the texture wasn't much better. The mustard sauce was good, but that was about it. I tried my friend's conch, also pretty poor in terms of texture (tough) and flavor. The only good appetizer I tried was the lump crab, and to be honest, I don't know how much credit they can take for that. For dinner I had the kona kampachi. It was good, but the sauce was really really sweet, but again, not bad. My gf had they strip steak. It was ordered med rare and came out med well. I'd have sent it back, but she tends to just deal with that sort of thing. I also tried the (nut?) crusted salmon, which wasn't bad, but nothing special. One of the things i didn't care for was the same garnish on every plate. No matter what you ordered, you got mashed potato, roasted pepper, and grilled melon. I figured a place with this kind of rep would be more creative in their garnish choices (and their steak temps). We ended with the bread pudding and creme brulee. The bread pudding was good with the ice cream, but was pretty dry without it. The creme brulee on the other hand was pretty terrible. Overcooked grainy custard with little flavor. The only good part was the bruleed banana on top. Anyway, obviously we're not going back ever again, so just a heads up that perhaps you all should avoid it to. It's too bad because it's really close to our house and I'd love for it to be good, but it's just not.

        2. re: IDGuofM

          I would do a search of the board as there are quite a few other posts about La Brochette. If you haven't been, I would at least give it one try to come to your own conclusions.

      2. Is this the place out in Cooper City that aways gets reviewed well in the papers?

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        1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

          I am shocked to hear this, but I think they are worth at least one visit since I haven't even been there once, and come to my own conclusion.

        2. We love it - highly recommend you go with the seafood. Frankly, these are the first negatives I've heard for this place in years of recommending it.

          Can you be more specific in your disappointment? Then I can understand if you had the good stuff and just aren't a fan or perhaps ordered from their merely good rather than great options.

          But I can say I've never been disappointed with the soup specials or the Branzino entree.

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          1. re: YosemiteSam

            It's been a while, but what I remember was: French onion soup (really salty with way too much thyme), fois gras (this was pretty good, but the garnishes (asparagus, potatoes, some sauces, and i think some fruit) were completely random), and I remember they had something like a "filet osso bucco" which kind of sounded good at first, but what came out was a filet kind of butterflied and wrapped around a marrow bone. It ended up really overcooked (I guess they grilled it and then braised it in the sauce, but I don't know for sure) and kind of tasteless. There were others that we didn't care for, but neither of us remembers. Look, I know it isn't like they threw garbage on a plate and called it haute cuisine, but from all of the reviews (from forums and from word of mouth) I just expected the simple things to be spot on, like seasoning and temperatures. Maybe it was two bad nights, but we just weren't impressed.

            1. re: IDGuofM

              I agree. We went there twice based on word of mouth and their high score garned on Zagat's, but were extremely underwhelmed both times.

              1. re: IDGuofM

                Fair enough. Been many, many times and we are pretty much always happy with it, but we always get the seafood as that is what the chef specializes in.

                Perhaps you had bad experiences (doesn't seem like you're alone based on other replies), or maybe it's just a difference of palate. I still highly recommend based on my first hand experience and the feedback I've gotten from personal recommendations over the years.

                Sorry you were disappointed.