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May 29, 2008 01:09 PM

Memorable Grad Lunch near Ryerson

Hi. My son just graduated from Ryerson and his convocation is a Friday morning in June. My wife and I would like to take him out for a memorable lunch downtown at an upscale resteraunt after the ceremonies. Looking for suggestions please - $s are not an issue. The menu must have some mainstays (steak, etc) as he is not too experimental in the culinary area! Thanks.

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  1. What about Canoe? Great view (definitely memorable), and a reasonably familiar menu.

    I also wondered about George, but the food might be too "weird" for the less adventurous eater.

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    1. Canoe or George open for Lunch...Canoe has a memorable view and menu...and you can park in the TD underground....and take the elevator to the top...Miranda

      1. George is open for lunch on weekdays but I too wonder about the suitablity of the menu for someone not experimental. The burger item on the lunch menu is Veal Foie Burger, Pear Slaw, Aged Cheddar

        1. How about Barberian's?
          It's right there at Elm St and is always reliable.

          1. The dining room at Osgoode Hall might fit the bill. Great space, good food, and something a bit different for a special occasion. The grounds are great for family photos, too.
            Because it is a working courthouse as well, you will have to go through a metal detector when you walk in - this means leave the mini pocket knife / screwdriver keychains behind.