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May 29, 2008 01:02 PM

Good hamburger buns SEATOWN

Does anyone know a good place to purchase quality hamburger buns? Not too crusty or bready, but not puffed white air and sesame seeds either. Thanks

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  1. Macrina Bakery makes some brioche hamburger buns that are pretty damn good - but their large diameter won't suit everyone's tastes.

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    1. re: terrier

      I like Macrina's brioche buns as well - picked them up at Metropolitan Market recently.

    2. I like the hamburger buns from Essential Bakery and think they fit your description. I have purchased them at the Whole Foods on Denny.

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      1. re: mtcmtc

        I went to the Essential on Madison today and they said they don't make a hamburger bun. Maybe just at that store?

        1. re: mr.chorizo

          I was at the Whole Foods on Denny today and double checked: they do have hamburger buns identified as "Essential" in the area of the bakery where you can select individual items, and they are with other items from Essential Bakery. I didn't get to ask anyone about them though. They also had bags of the Macrina brioche buns -- those looked good too. Actually, I made the mistake of shopping when hungry so pretty much everything looked good! I've never seen CC buns -- will definitely give them a try. Is there any where else where you can purchase them? Thanks.

      2. Columbia City Bakery in Columbia City has the absolute best hamburger buns...not too large , not too thick and they do not fall apart (Macrina's brioche).

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        1. re: Maine Hofius

          I will have to try CC's hamburger buns. I am in love with their breads.