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May 29, 2008 12:42 PM

Where to buy Spanish Jamon (dry cured ham)

I had the pleasure of visiting Spain 3 times and I really miss jamon once in a while. I went to Embrujo Flamenco on Danforth and had some there, but I wonder if there is a place in GTA where I can buy it myself. Food was decent at Embrujo but the manager was a very unhappy individual who, instead of kindly explaining, yelled at us when we calmly asked her about the bill. There was no reason to yell at a customer wondering why we are charged $60 extra - open food for something we did not order.

Anyway I got side tracked on the bad experience.

So... Spanish Jamon... please help me reminisce Spain! Thanks.

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  1. If you're talking about Serrano, then it's available at Loblaws. Another place to check is Scheffler's at the SLM. If you're talking the acorn-fed's available somewhere in Toronto, but it costs.

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      1. re: grandgourmand

        I think the Serrano at Loblaws is "serrano style" ham produced in Canada?

        1. re: Pantz

          I'm not sure about that. I think it might be. Anyhow, the stuff the sell at Schefflers is most definitely from Spain.

          As an aside, another Loblaw bashing story, when I saw the Serrano (style) ham at the deli counter, I said "can I have some Serrano ham?" and they said they don't carry it. To which I replied "yes you do, it's right there" pointing at it. Again they denied that was the case. Felt like I was in that "who's on first?" routine, only dumber.

        1. re: TheGloaming

          TheGloaming's link is to the discussion on Iberico ham. If you want want more regular Serrano, that's easier to find. Haven't tried the Iberico. Serrano has been good.

          1. re: grandgourmand

            Both regular serrano and the better quality iberico are available at Shefflers in St. Lawrence Market. The regular serrano is still excellent, so there is no need to take out a second mortgage for the iberico.

            1. re: acd123

              Hahaha! I was just looking for good serrano, because I didn't even know that Iberico is available here. Has anyone tried Iberico in Toronto and how much did that go for approximately? Is it worth the money? I am curious to find out.

              1. re: exquisite

                If you go to the link TheGloaming includes in the post earlier on in this thread, you will find answers to your questions, all except is it worth the money. That is a very personal thing, and really depends on how much you like air-cured ham...

        2. Try the Cheese Boutique. The have Serrano. They also have a super duper premium called Pata Negra (Piedra Negra?) which is Iberico. Fattier, but fed on acorns and absolutely out of this world. If I am not mistaken, I think he said that it was $600 a kilo. I've had it before in Spain. This stuff is to die for. Although, I'm not sure that I would not have more fun with black truffles for about the same price...

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          1. re: Westwardho

            haha true. thanks for the suggestion though. $600 a kilo... aka $60 per 100g. wow. it must be just THAT good!

            1. re: exquisite

              I was just told that Mistura is selling it with some hummous and other accoutrements for a $50 appetizer. Massimo sure is a helluva gourmand