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May 29, 2008 12:41 PM

Orlando foodie travelling to Chicago for the weekend

Hello All
I'm going to Chicago for the first time in two weeks. I'm looking for suggestions for a good dinner while I am there. Nothing too too fancy, but good food. For example, some of my favorite restaurants in town are Ravenous Pig, 310 Park, Enzo's, Houston's, Le Coq au Vin, etc. So I'm willing to spend good money for a good meal(preferably not a steakhouse). I'm staying at the Palmer House Hilton on east monroe. So places close to that area, Millennium Park/Grant Park would be best. I know there a lot of Chicago transplants in O-town and I look forward to your suggestions!
Thanks in advance

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  1. Try Topolbampo or its next-door, less expensive cousin, the Frontera Grill. Both serve Chef Rick Bayless' upscale and ingenious Mexican food.

    Charlie Trotter's very formal continental cuisine is legendary but very expensive and may be tough to get in without more notice. But call and see if they'll seat you. Sometimes you get a surprise.

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      I'll second Frontera Grill ( We always make time for lunch or dinner there when we visit Chicago. I also recommend Heaven on Seven ( for some pretty good cajun/creole cooking.

      If you haven't already, you might post this same request on the Chicago board and get recommendations from hounds in the area.

    2. I'll pay top dollar if you can bring back some Vienna franks!

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        bkhuna - If you've got a craving for Vienna franks, head to Margate for Taste of Chicago (1406 N. State Road 7, Margate, FL 33063, 954-984-5858)

        We go to this plaza regularly for Pho at Saigon Cuisine but this place always looks interesting.

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          If you are going to Chicago, you must check out . I would recommend some places but my tastes tend towards cheap ethnic food.

      2. Alinea
        Charlie Trotter's (to go)

        Frontera Grill
        One sixtyblue
        Bongo Room (brunch)

        Walker Brothers, Chicago hotdog, deep dish pizza, caramel popcorn

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          I second the reccs so far, and also want to add - try to have dessert at Hot Chocolate,, a short cab from where you will be staying. I'm originally born & bred there and our daughter just moved back, and RAVES about it.