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May 29, 2008 12:09 PM

Where to buy Chorizo (from Spain) or French Saucisson in TORONTO?

I miss Spanish and French cured meats! I cannot seem to find authentic dried spanish Chorizo, Salchichon or even a french saucisson like Rosette de Lyon. Does anyone know where I can go in Toronto to buy these?

Thanks for your help!

I am going to check out Salumeria today as I read an old post recommending this.

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  1. Though likely available elsewhere, it's surfaced at Boncheff on Olivewood in Etobicoke. About $10 for 2 vacpac'd medium-sized links of imported Spanish chorizo.

    1. Saucisson a la alsace-Cumbrea on Church has them

      Chorizo-Kensigton market a few places carry them

      1. I got a chorizo from Spain at Scheffler's in St. Lawrence Market, but it was $11 !

        1. yeah, the rael deal chorizo is always expensive, La Fromagerie at College & Concord sells it, it is expensive but lasts a long time and is really tasty

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          1. Scheffler's at the St. Lawrence Market carries French style saucisson from Quebec, and they also have larger saucisson from France that are rolled in herbs or pepper. Fantastic stuff.

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                So, TIML, did you find your Spanish chorizo? Did Salumeria have any?