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May 29, 2008 12:08 PM

New England-made sparkling cider?

Does anyone know of a nonalcoholic sparkling cider made in New England? I can only seem to find farms and orchards making hard cider or flat cider. I'm planning a wedding in New Hampshire and would love to find something to put on the table that's more local than Martinelli's...


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  1. Hi weetara,
    I googled and found this orchard. Don't know anything about it. Good luck.
    New England McIntosh Sparkling Cider
    Carlson Orchards, Inc.
    Tel: 978-456-3916

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    1. re: lonborgfan

      I've never had the sparkling cider, but their regular apple cider, sold in many places including Roche Bros. and Whole Foods, is excellent, markedly better than other grocery-store cider. They have an on-location store - I think it's in Harvard, maybe Bolton. Went there once - they had a few other products and some produce.

        1. re: weetara

          Try Williams Sparkling Cider, from Westford, MA. Don't know if it's any good, though.

      1. Is Woodchuck in Vermont still around? They used to make a hard cider as well as ( I think) the regular stuff.

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        1. re: mollydingle

          They're definitely still around--just the hard stuff, though.

        2. No mention of Farnum Hill Cider? They're made in Lebanon N.H., and can be found in every NH State Liquor Store that I know of. Also, the product line has gained national renown (just google them); several high-end boutique wine shops and restos in New York City have been carrying them as pretty prized stuff.

          With the exception of the reserve, they're all reasonably priced but drink and pair as if they were an excellent dry champagne. All this and a Granite State product to boot!

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            1. re: greygarious

              Oops. Well, FWIW if the OP is looking to extend the Made in NH theme further with take-home favors, each guest at the last NH wedding I attended walked home with a bag that included a tastefully designed bottle of NH maple syrup.

              Cheezy? Maybe.

              Delicious the next morning? Definitely.