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May 29, 2008 12:03 PM

Belmont Shore Recommendations

Looking for a fun/yummy place to take my sister for her b-day dinner tonight. Not looking for a "scene" but definetely good food. We'll be walking 2nd street and would love any suggestions for our dinner stop.

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  1. I know that street front and back, having grown up in the area. There are actually some excellent restaraunts, depending on what you're after. Domenico's pizza is a favorite of mine, dishing out an interesting twist on traditional pies. It's a great place for a group, too. They also have your standard Italian fare as well. George's greek restaurant is one of the best Greek restaurants in Southern California. They have mouth wateringly good lamb chops and excellent salmon. Further down, there's the French Creperie, which is probably the most ideal birthday environment. They serve (you guessed it) crepes of all different flavors and tastes. They also have great French jazz music with a live band in the evenings, but it is probably the most popular (i.e. crowded) on the street. There's also Lucille's if you prefer bbq, serving up some tender baby back ribs in fun Southern throwback setting. Or, if you'd rather watch the Lakers playoffs tonight, you can't beat Legends Sports Bar. Let me know what you decide!

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      Avoid Domenico's... overhyped and long wait times. George's and Le Creperie are both great... especially for a "girls night out" type meal. Stop by Sweet Jill's for a slice of birthday cake... chocolate with cream cheese frosting... my favorite!

    2. I agree with everything Bucktown mentions but I think s/he's misspelled the name of the crepe place. It's either Le or La Creperie, not the French Creperie, unless there is a new place by that name (?). Anyway, that crepe place would be great for a birthday bash, great interior and very good food! Another option would be Cafe Gazelle, which is a very small place (8 tables, I think) and mostly 2 seaters. Great food, within a block of George's (west of George's I think, and south side) and just off 2nd about 1/2 block.

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      1. re: Joani Macaroni

        Cafe Gazelle is one of my favorite spots. I like their entrees and their portions are just right.

      2. There is a Lebanese place called Open Sesame that I have enjoyed several times. It's a mid-range place that tends toward crowded and informal. Food is good, although not mind-blowing and the portions are quite large. They have patio seating and are open late.

        Also, The LA times reviewed this place that I have since been wanting to try:
        Michael's on Naples Ristorante

        5620 E. 2nd St., Long Beach; (562) 439-7080;
        From the article: Ambience: Contemporary Italian in Naples with roomy booths and a stylish open-air rooftop dining area. Far outclasses anything else on the island and attracts an affluent, Italian-food-mad crowd.

        Have a good time, whatever you choose and please report back on your experience.

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        1. re: ElissaInPlaya

          On the south side of the street and bit more west, there is another Middle Eastern place called Magic Lamp. I like Open Sesame, but I also really like Magic Lamp. ML has a wonderful sausage appetizer that is not on the menu. Small little sausages that are quite tasty. Talked to the owner and he buys them from a guy that hand makes them. Craving some right now!

          1. re: justagthing

            My persoal favorites in that area are:

            -Le Creperie
            -Yen (sushi)
            -Sushi of Naples
            -Natraj (Indian food. Good lunch buffets)


            1. re: Kla6

              OK...since you went into the sushi realm, I would much rather go down to Seal Beach and eat at Restaurant Koi for sushi, so much better, more variety and incredibly fresh and imaginative dishes too. Also, if you want better Indian, on PCH, just below Pier One Imports is another place that has an AYCE lunch, very good, they also have a location in Artesia. OK, OK, I know these are not on 2nd, but couldn't resist.

              My faves:
              Le Creperie
              Cafe Gazelle
              Magic Lamp
              Open Sesame

              Also, I noticed that the steak place is gone and Open Sesame is taking over that spot as well...interesting.

              1. re: justagthing

                I have to slightly disagree about the Indian restaurant recommendation. I'm assuming you're talking about Kamal Palace. If you are, Natraj has a better lunch buffet. My girlfriend said Koi was good, but I've never been there. Is that the place with the all-you-can-eat sushi on Wednesdays? If so, how is it?


                1. re: Kla6

                  Not AYCE for sushi, she may be referring to Mahe, and it is ok. I actually usually eat my Indian in Artesia, going to the better sources and more places to choose from, plus it really isn't that far away.

        2. stop what you are doing...if jabeep makes a recommendation, don't be a jabronie and listenup.....

          GOTO MICHAELS. this is good sig (sicialian) food.

          god bless.
          see you in the funny papers,
          Love, JABEEP!