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who sells the best homemade Italian Sausages

I have bought them before at Whole foods and they were good but I am looking for something garlicky and spicy. Something really flavorful. any suggestions?

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  1. Thanks to other hounds, I am now addicted to Borelli's Italian Deli's sausages in Methuen, MA http://www.borrellisdeli.com/ and I have trouble buying them elsewhere now.

    Excellent homemade sausages, especially their tomato, garlic and cheese. They also have Italian and Hot. I like them the best because they do not grind the pork into a hamburger consistency, it's more of a finely cubed meat consistency - they are perfect.

    If you are closer to Boston, Dom's Sausage in Malden is consistently good - though not garlicky.

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      Borrelli's fan here also and if you haven't made it to Fowles Market in Newburyport as TomH suggest, they also put out a really great sausage product also.

    2. I am a huge fan of the Italian sausage at Fowle's Market in Newburyport. I literally drive all the way up there from Somerville a few times a year when I get a jonesing for them!


      They usually change up their selection of other sausage as well (garlic & cheese, sun dried tomato, maple etc.) which I like.

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        Nappi Meats & Groceries
        Boston Area - 370 Salem Street (Route 60) Medford, MA. 02155 - Haines Square

        (781) 391-7900 Type of place: Pizza & Sub Shop, Deli, Sausages & Italian Products

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          Never tried their sausages but if they are even close to as good as their MEATBALLS, I'm sure I'd love them.

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          doesn't Fowles keep odd hours?
          the last two times i wanted to hit it up hey were closed and i don't remember being there at an odd time.

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            Now that you say that I seem to remember them being closed on Mondays when I went up the last time. Not sure of hours on other days though. Best bet would be to call ahead! :)

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              this is where The Grid would be Marvelous.

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            do tell me more. that sounds very interesting.

          3. We buy delicious spicy chicken sausages at J. Pace in Saugus. You'd never know it was not pork, etc.

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              I had been swearing by the (pork) italian sausages at Pace's for years and I still think they're good- but the hounds who said it were right- Dom's are better.

              Dom's Sausage Co
              10 Riverside Park, Malden, MA 02148

              J. Pace & Son
              325 Main Street, Saugus, MA 01906

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                Thanks for that link, Chris....I can't seem to get the dang thing to work.

                I know Dom's exists, LOL but do they make chicken or turkey sausages? It's a high cholestrol thing with DH that limits pork consumption here.

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                  Hmm, they have lots of marinated turkey/chicken (I've heard raves over their turkey tips) but I'm not sure about chicken sausage. You could probably call and ask, or check them out while checking out the marinated meats.

                  My experience with the marinated meats is they had a weird spongy texture but nobody else I was eating with seemed bothered by it, so maybe it was just me.

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                    Yes Doms does have Chicken Sausages: http://domsausage.com/homepage/meat.h...

                    They carry them in the frozen section though - never seen them sold fresh. You also may want to call and ask what they currently have stocked before you head there.

                    I am a huge fan of the Sundried Tomao with Roasted Pepper chicken sausage, one of my favs...

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                      Thank you Thank you, mjg0725....I didn't know cuz we stayed away.... but on W ednesday next when we go to Super 88, we'll stop at Dom's and take a peek. Many thanks!

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                        Your welcome. Also, the entrance to their store is on the back side of the building, not the front.

              2. I buy the sausages at Sulmona in the NE..hot, sweet, sometimes liver.

                Pace sells a sausage with pork/rabe that's very good too.

                I've been expanding beyond "Italian sausage" and there's a very good chorizo that a Columbian mkt just outside of Maverick sq on Meridean St makes...made with a lot of cumin

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                  Fiore's Market.
                  172 Revere St
                  Revere, MA 02151.
                  Phone: (781) 284-9462.

                  They make really good homemade sausages, and they will do custom orders if you give them enough time and ask nicely

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                    OMGoodness.... I can't believe Fiore's Market is still there.... must be the sons???? My family shopped there since forever... before they moved north. Good to know. Many thanks!

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                      Fiore is the best place to watch sausage being made. I can't say the same thing for the Massachusetts legislature.

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                      I just picked up a package of the pork/rabe sausages for the first time - any recommendations for how to cook? My usual routes are to either saute in canola and olive oil, or put a little water in the pan and cook covered, turning occasionally.

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                        I usually grill it; but uou can sautee in a little olive oil. You can also cook it in a tomato sauce (or water) and it keeps a softer texture.


                    3. Does anyone around here make luganaga? That's one from my youth that seems to have disappeared.

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                        don't know that one! I buy my sausages at Di Pasquale on Route 16, between Newton and Watertown or a Casa D'Italia on Newton Street in Waltham, both very good (Russos carries two of Di Pasquale's sausages, sweet and hot pork sausage)

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                          Second DePasquale's. Definitely my favorite around.

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                            So I went to De Pasquales today to buy some sausages and they were closed! I could not believe that I did not check their hours and days open. I guess they are closed on Mondays. I will try again. Thank you for the suggestions.

                            1. re: macadamianut

                              Bummer! For future reference, Russo's in Watertown isn't too far away, and they sell DePascuale's. I've never managed to snag the hot sausages there, though.

                              1. re: bear

                                I second (third? fourth?) the De Pasquales recommendation.

                                1. re: sfumato

                                  Another vote for DePasquale's.
                                  In addition to the stock sweet & spicey, they offer a variety of special sausages.
                                  About being closed on Mondays, it's a Newton thing - approx. 30-50% of retail shops are closed....

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                                    DePasquales is a tiny operation, just maria and the guy. they close fairly early on saturday, so sunday and monday are the weekend for them. been that way for years.

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                                  I'd say you generally have about a 1 in 4 shot of getting the hot Italians at Russo's, but they never carry any of the other kinds other than the sweet and hot.

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                                    Was kind of (pleasantly) shocked recently to get DePasquale's (sweet or hot) links when I went into Dagostino's in Arlington Heights and asked if I could buy at the deli what they use for subs and prepared food - very, very handy when a trip to Newton or Watertown is too much.

                                  2. re: macadamianut

                                    Oh, man, I've been burned by that myself in the past. I should have remembered to say something.

                                    If you ever forget, you can still salvage the trip by going to Antoine's Bakery down the block for pastries and/or Bobalicious across the street for a pretty good banh mi.

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                                  I also buy my sausages at Sulmopna on Parmenter Street and I love the broccolli rape sausages from J Pace. I gre up on Dom's Sausages and I actually like Pace's better. Dom's has a garlic and cheese sausage that will have you burping garlic for 3 days. Also, if you go to Dom's do yourself a favor and go next door to the Piantedosi Bakery and get some fresh rolls for your sausages.

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                                      Oooh, will have to give these a shot, despite the non-homemade factor. I did a tour of North End butchers a while back and they all had some variation of "Luganaga? Haven't seen that for years..."

                                      1. re: moglia

                                        There is also a recipe on-line that seems to link to Mario Batali's "Babbo".

                                    1. re: trufflehound

                                      Fowles in Newburyport is under new ownership. Same sausage reci[pes as the last 100+ years. New stuff too. Awesome meat selection, and some wild hot sauces. Open 7 days a week now and they will make custom sausage for you as well. My new favorite place to shop. Love those guys!!!! 5STARS

                                      1. re: rcszj

                                        As a long time fan of Fowle's, I will have to get over there to sample the sausages by the new owners. The steak bomb sausages were always my favorite and are fantastic.

                                        1. re: TomH

                                          I've become a big fan of the steak bomb sausage at Fowle's over the past six months. They have become a ritual now for the group I play cards and watch football with. The new owners now have a sausage called "Kitchen Sink" which we plan on trying this coming Sunday.

                                          1. re: Infomaniac

                                            I have had it in the past (the old owners had it on occasion). I forget the exact ingredients but it was awesome.You will not be disappointed! :)

                                      2. If you can make the drive out to Southborough, Panzano Market sells FANTASTIC garlic and fennel sausages, they are closed Sunday and give a call to make sure they have them. Worth the drive.

                                        1. bianci and sons I know back bay rest group uses them so if your out to dinner go to paparazzi or 1 of those restaurants to get a good sausage. Also I know its a hole in the wall but santarpios in e boston puts out a great pepers and sausage its spicy and delicious they do the same with lamb its yummy!

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                                            Diluigi's sausage company has opened up a retail outlet in Danvers and also sells their sausages through BJ's and Market Basket. The different flavored chicken sausage they offer is terrific as well as the regular hot and sweet Italian.

                                            Here's an article on them http://salemnews.com/punews/local_sto...

                                          2. By far the best I've had are made by The Smokehouse. You can buy them at their retail outlet in Norwell or at Savenor's

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                                              Second for Both Pace's and Borelli's in Methuen. Both are excellent!!! I love the tomato and cheese from Borelli's, great flavor!

                                            2. What about Karl's Sausages on Route 1 in Saugus? Never tried it but I heard they are great. Also have several types of eastern European sausages/ foods too.