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May 29, 2008 11:43 AM

New Wegman's in KOP

I've heard rumblings about a Wegman's coming to the area. Does anyone have any details?

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  1. The most logical place for it to go would be at that huge development now going on at Swedesford Rd, across the way from where the old Home Depot was. It's got to be a hundred acres. It's called the Village at Valley Forge and the developer's p.r. claims it is supposed to be a mixture of high end retail, highly rated hoity-toity restaurants that don't exist outside of the city and residential/condo kind of things --- along with lakes and waterways! Good grief. Sounds like a Disney idea that's going to create even more traffic nightmares. Since they're shooting for "la-ti-da", I'm thinking Wegman's would be the level of supermarket they'll be aiming for.

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      There are two new Wegman's planned in the general KOP area. One will be in Malvern at the intersection of Routes 202 and 29. There is a big sign stating it will open in Spring '09. It looks like there is another one planned for Collegeville at the intersection of Routes 29 and 422.

      1. re: BIgDaddyFoodie

        The Collegeville store is slated to open in January '09.

    2. There was an article in the Inky about a year ago regarding the Wegmans moving into the mixed-use village you are referring to.

      1. Wish they'd open one closer to or in Philadelphia! I guess it's Cherry Hill for now.