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May 29, 2008 11:39 AM

Italian restaurant between Guy and Atwater to celebrate graduation

Last time I asked for a recommendation for a Greek resto near Parc and Villeneuve, to take the (adult) kids, the suggestion was first rate.
I'm counting on you again for another great suggestion.

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  1. What are your north and south boundaries? I'd suggest Liverpool House, although not "officially" Italian.

    1. A couple more questions - graduation from where? Guy to Atwater evokes both Concordia (downtown campus) and Dawson College - in which case you coud go a bit west of there.

      How many people? Just parents and young adult? Lots of people? And price range?

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        Boca d'oro is on st mathieu street, although I have not been there in years, I remember it as a warm , traditional italian place.

        For a special celebration, I would recommend Il Cortile, on sherbrooke just east of Guy, their outdoor courtyard is unique, it's on the high end price range,
        1442 Sherbrooke W., Passage de musée. Guy-Concordia métro
        Tel. 843-8230