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May 29, 2008 11:38 AM

Nice lunch in Royal Oak, MI

I know I should do a search, but I don't have time. Need a nice place for lunch that would have nice salads. Thanks.

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  1. bastone - bistro fare located on main and fifth (or is it sixth).

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    1. re: xman887

      I'll second that. Been to Bastone 3-4 times, lunch and dinner, and have never had a bad experience on any level. Cafe Habana is connected to Bastone (same restaurant group) and is kinda funky and also has solid food.

    2. I've had excellent salads at Mr B's of all places. I'd probably try Inn Season as well, just because I've never been but have heard good things.

      Are you thinking strictly downtown? Fiddleheads is RO but not near downtown and has excellent food, no reason to think their salads wouldn't be great too. They haven't changed their online menu yet, still says Winter.

      1. Town Tavern, if it's open for lunch.
        Pronto has lots of salad, though the place can be hit or miss.

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        1. re: cherie

          The last time we were at Lilly's we thought it would be a great spot for a salad or sandwhich. I can't recommend Mr. B's.

        2. Inn Season has the BEST salads... Cafe Muse is a great lunch spot as well.

          1. Definitely DO NOT got to Mr. B;s... Its bar food. The salads there are less than appealing (I have tried most of them) and the rest of the menu is composed of chicken fingers, hot wings and other deplorable offerings. I would recommend Cafe Habana (Cuban, reasonable prices), Cafe Muse (wonderful brunch type menu, try the grilled cheese - it won a national award. It is not your average), or Pronto for a wide variety of sandwiches...