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May 29, 2008 09:32 AM

Jules Bistro on Spadina

Went there for a quick, prix fixe on Friday and was very impressed! A great experience after being disappointed by the service at La Palette (my old regular) and by the prices at Batifole.

The goat cheese salad could have used more goat cheese, but the Chicken in bacon and mushroom sauce with frites was to die for. What an amazing sauce!

The creme brulee was also divine, very creamy and eggy. Textbook.

Wines kind of pricey. $6 for a glass of Kressman? $10 for a glass of Sauvignon blanc? Come on! I just had an Orangina instead.

Would go back for sure.

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  1. I go to Jules whenever I get the chance. On Fridays the special is often steak tartare which is excellent.

    1. it's close to my work so we order sometimes...but honeslty, by french standards, it's kind of like the crappy touristy cafes you find at the train station. everything is sub-par quality.

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        Have you eaten there or only had takeout?