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May 29, 2008 09:27 AM

Alla Roma? Seeking trippa, carciofi, coda alla vaccinara...

Fresh back from Rome, I've been trying to track down traditional Roman fare locally. I searched some previous posts, but mainly people recommend Lupa. Are there other spots? I don't need the smells and bells of a trendy foodie scene. Just great food. I especially enjoyed the some of the jewish foods (carciofi alla giudea).

Any thoughts?

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  1. If you can excuse the scene, Da Silvano's trippa and carciofi alla Romana are among the best I've had in the States.
    Sometimes you can get them both next door at Bar Pitti for much less money.

    1. Lupa would fit the bill. Peasant is also very good.

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        thanks to you both. I work near Bar Pitti (and Da Silvano), so I'll poke by at lunch to peek their menus. And Lupa will have to be reserved, I'm sure. The only time I went there, we dealt with impossible hostesses and ultimately gave up and had Cuban food instead.

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          Peasant should have a lot of food that you will enjoy! Definitely not as crazy crowded as Lupa.

      2. Lupa serves some of the best Roman fare in the city.

        Peasant is good, but it serves mostly Tuscan-style dishes.

        1. Babbo's tripe is the best I ever had, another poster said lupa's was just as good. They are the same price at both places btw and the portion is pretty sizeable.

          1. Sandro's on E 81 has a wonderful Roman menu. I highly recommend the Carciofi Alla Giudea o Romana and the amazing Spaghettini al limone. Everyone is incredibly friendly from the hostess to the bartender to the wait staff. And Sandro always makes an appearance to see how much everyone is enjoying his food. A true Roman experience (w/out the Euro pricing).

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              We recently went to Sora Lella. This trumped everywhere for authentically Roman fare! Delicious!