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May 29, 2008 09:09 AM

Looking for a great lasagna pan

I always use the large pyrex ones (I make volume for parties a couple of times a year) and I have a couple of problems with them: I feel that they are too shallow and they are not that attractive to put out on a buffet table. I have been looking for the ideal pan for a while now, but have not pushed the button on any of them. Any suggestions?

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  1. Chef's catalog has a large roasting pan fort a reasonable price, or you could try a restaurant supply house for a commercial grade pan.

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    1. To me. bare metal ones don't fit in well at the table either. But here's one you might like (looks nice and deep):

      1. We recently purchased several Revol porcelain baking dishes at Sur La Table and have been very pleased with both their performance and appearance. Check them out at:

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          1. My two favorites are my red Le Crueset pan, which cooks up so much better than glass; and my white scalloped Corningware casserole which is a few inches wider than 9X13. I hate cooking anything with tomato sauce in a metal pan.

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              Is the Le Crueset porcelain or enameled cast iron?

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                  I'll second the Le Creuset, actually I have 2 of them and one of the smaller bakers too. Emile Henri makes a nice one too and LC does a pottery version