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May 29, 2008 09:08 AM

On site BBQ for firm picnic!

I am charged with the task of finding a good catering service for our firm's 100+ person event this July. I've come to Chowhound in hopes of finding some informed advice from DC area BBQ connaisseurs.

The plan thus far is simply to have it be full service, BBQ, and within the DC area. I've had less luck finding services that actually bring a grill onsite and serve the food hot off the fire.

Any suggestions? I hear good things about Red, Hot & Blue and Urban Bar-B-Que. No idea where to begin with on-site grillers!

Please help!

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  1. If Urban BBQ would do that, they do a good job on BBQ, I think Carolina Brothers BBQ will come with the cooker and cook it there, they have a website, I know they do whole pig:
    I don't know if Mighty Midgets would do that or not, they moved into a knew space, so I don't know exactly what the deal is, but here is their new website:

      1. re: monavano

        +1 on dixie bones- excellent sides as well!
        Famous Daves and Red Hot Blue are excellent but i dunno if they send folks out to serve and cook for you.

        1. Barbecue is religion and you'll get a lot of answers on this Board. I recommend Willard's in Chantilly.

          1. I just checked all the websites you all have listed here, just for the fun of it, and not a single menu seems to include hush puppies. Does that seem weird to anybody else? (I know there are lots of other bbq threads here that I can search, and this isn't necessarily related to op's request... just couldn't help but notice.)

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            1. re: mselectra

              Hmm. When I think bbq, I think cornbread.

              1. re: monavano

                Yeah I think hush puppies with seafood, cornbread with bbq, although many places have hush puppies with bbq I guess.

                1. re: ktmoomau

                  When I think BBQ, I think ribs, collard greens and crusty-baked mac'n'cheese. Cornbread is no good without collard greens to crumble it up in.

              2. re: mselectra

                I'm a big fan of hush puppies and wish they were offered more frequently in these parts. I believe Red, Hot and Blue still has them on their menu.

                And I'm not a fan of the sweet and cake like texture cornbread that is most often served here. I do recall liking the cornbread at Dixie Bones.

                1. re: EatOrGoToYourRoom

                  I agree about DB's corn bread. Oh....and their mac n cheese! I think they do a fantastic job with all the sides.

                  1. re: monavano

                    I have to respectfully disagree on the sides at DB, their pulled pork was so-so, but their ribs are good. I thought the mac and cheese was seperated and not creamy, the cole slaw really saucey and slaw not shredded well to the point there were huge pieces of cabbage, I make better at home, but the ribs were tasty.

                  2. re: EatOrGoToYourRoom

                    I'm only good for tangential and trivial answers: Reagan's Secretary of Treasury made excellent Hush Puppies...Brock?

                    I could swear RH+B does a rolling smoker (high marks) but not exactly my kinda BBQ, and that's a very personal definition (and it's good, just not what I would do).

                  3. re: mselectra

                    I'm not an obsessive or expert on bbq, but I used to live in North Carolina so I've eaten plenty and always with hush puppies there. If I remember, hush puppies came automatically (perhaps only with platters, not sandwiches) PLUS we'd get a choice of bread, including cornbread. As good as the pulled pork was, it's all that other stuff (plus the sides of fried okra, greens, etc) that I really miss.

                    My apologies to OP for taking this off-topic, though.