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May 29, 2008 09:06 AM

DC Embassy Row

Good Day Chows, This is a late request, but, here it is. Tomorrow, husband and I travel from G-ville, FL to DC for three overnights. We will be staying in the vicinity of Dupont Circle. We enjoy all kinds of good food and will be using public transportation. Thank you, bb22

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  1. there is often debate over what "moderate priced (on your updated post)" means. you better give a price range. most hounds will look to moderate as being inexpensive.
    My recommendation to you is that you catch Zorba's for a cheap lunch. it is right in dupont circle and has lunch counter-style greek food. it is really good and a steal of a deal! Also, I recommend Dino across the street from Cleveland Park Metro. With the spring vegetables and sustainable fish Dino is using right now, it is top of the group. Share a grilled veggie plate, get a glass of wine, and 2 entrees (halibut is GREAT) and get out of there for under $40 PP. Cleveland Park has lots of decent bars and mexican spots just off the metro. Just to beat others to the punch, U Street has lots of cheap options right off the metro. Etete gives a good Ethiopian shot.

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      Daves 32, Thank you for your appreciated suggestions, the definition of "moderately priced", approximately $40 per makes sense to us. We both like the Ethiopian suggestion, Etete, also, Greek. Our recent stay in Paris taught us there is a wide spread between "euro moderate" and “US moderate”, also, as you state, the term I used " moderately priced". There should be rules!. Back to Paris, we had a wonderful Parisian experience made better by CHOW members suggestions. Bebe

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        Another good suggestion then would be Cafe Atlantico Dim Sum Brunch. Even with a drink, you could be right about at the $40 price point. Also, you could do the tasting menu which is about 15 single or a few bite courses of some great latin and Asian tinged-Latin dishes. There are several reviews around the boards of that brunch. the tasting menu is $35 pp but you could go ala carte for much cheaper. It is great also because it is DC now legend Jose Andres, very unique, and a great deal! It is also in Penn Quarter where you can take a thorough walk of the tourist sights in short order.

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            I just read your review of Latino Dim Sum Brunch. What a memory you have! What a litany of exotic courses. Was each dim sum course offered individually or served buffet style? You brought my memories back to Boston where I grew up and having dim sum in Boston Chinatown. There, each small dish was offered from a cart stacked high with bamboo steamers each holding a tasty exotic morsel. This cart was rolled table to table with the serving person lifting the lid off the steamer to let you see what was on the plate. Many times we didn’t know exactly what it was we were eating. The person who served spoke Chinese only. I liked the dumplings, all types, and my husband the chicken feet which I also enjoyed. The tab was ongoing and kept on the table, all in Chinese. This was many years ago. I like to think that it is still the same. BB

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              they come out plated for the table... i was just with my girlfriend so each course came out on one plate with one item for each person. I would imagine that there is one plate for every couple of people. the "dim sum" part of it is just the idea that there are very small portions and you can try lots of different items.

    2. We were in the Dupont Circle area Saturday (to see an exhibit at the Phillips Collection), and had an excellent lunch at Bistro Du Coin. Very good mussels, among other things.

      1. There have been extensive posts on Dupont area restaraunts I strongly suggest you do a search and see what comes up. That said, I love Etete and take eveyone who visits me there.