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May 29, 2008 08:33 AM

Middle America Road Trip Cuisine

My husband and I are driving from Nashville, Tennessee to St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, up through Wyoming to Bozeman, Glacier National Park, Calgary, Moose Jaw/Regina in Saskatchewan, Fargo, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Madison, then back home to Nashville! Whew! So, we really want our food experience to be awesome and authentic, and would love and appreciate suggestions for places to eat along the way! We won't necessarily be sticking to interstates and highways, either. Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. You'll probably pass through Missoula on your way from Bozeman to Glacier Park... if you do, you should visit the Red Bird Wine Bar (or the main restaurant). The chefs smoke their own meats, and consistently create delicious, creative takes on seasonal, regional ingredients.
    In Whitefish (close to Glacier Park) the Buffalo Cafe is THE place for a great breakfast.
    If you go north from Bozeman instead of west, you'll pass through White Sulfur Springs on state road 12. The biscuits and gravy at the Truck Stop Cafe (which is not at a truck stop :-) are not to be missed.
    Also, see my comments about Chico Hot Springs in the thread about Jackson Lake/Gardiner, on this board.
    Have a WONDERFUL trip!

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      Thanks so much for the advice! We are super excited and can't wait to eat our way through Montana! With a little hiking thrown in on the side, of course!

    2. Hi-

      You will want to post queries on the South, Midwest and Southwest boards for those legs of your trip passing through Tennessee (South), Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota (Midwest) and Colorado (Southwest) to catch the eye of locals who can give you good recommendations.

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        For Denver and other Colorado recommendations, check the Southwest board. Many, many posts there. Some (far fewer) on Wyoming and Montana on Elsewhere in America board.

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