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May 29, 2008 08:26 AM

Miracle Fruit?

I'm inspired by the recent NYTimes article to try some miracle fruit. Anyone know where I can score some? Thanks!

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    1. You can get the plants from CT:

      Also, a quick Google search for "synsepalum dulcificum" turns up a bunch of links to sellers of both plants and seeds.

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      1. re: TomH

        $90 for a science experiment seems kind of steep!
        Thanks for the tip on Logees. I don't exactly have a green thumb, but a drive to CT to pick up a plant sounds like a great option.

        1. re: RedChillie

          call first before you go. i don't think logee's has any in stock right now.

          also, it could take months or years for a plant to fruit. generally the larger the plant, the faster it will fruit. get a 3 gallon plant (months) vs. 1 gallon plant (years).

          1. re: neverfull

            darn. guess the picture on the logee's site is deceiving because it shows a plant that has fruit.

      2. Do you know if it's safe to have it growing with cats around? A lot of plants are poisonous to cats.

        1. On the topic of growing them, I got this in a newsletter today: