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May 29, 2008 08:25 AM


My daughter is working in NYC this summer as an unpaid intern, living near 31st & 8th and working near 42nd & 6th.

Where are reasonably priced places for good food in those neighborhoods?

Trying to get some recommendations for her that will be easy on the pocketbook but tasty!

Thanks to everyone in advance!!

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  1. 42nd and 6th is near Bryant Park / Times Square Area. There's a lot of overpriced delis and etc. in the area, catering to the harried worker and lost tourists. Try the Midtown Lunch site for good lunch recommendations. midtownlunch.com

    31st and 8th is right by Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. But a short walk away from places in Koreatown. Do a search for Madison Square Garden, MSG, and/or Penn Station to find recommendations.

    Both these areas might not have as many great, reasonably priced food options in the neighborhood, but they are worth seeking out.

    1. I just saw a threat that had a ton of great recommendations about restaurants near 38th and 7th. Here you go: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/522916