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May 29, 2008 08:22 AM

Where do you pick stuff WA?

Ok Western Washington hounds and fellow foragers - it's June in a couple of days, with the entire wonderful summer fruit and veggie season before us. Where do you go to pick stuff? I'd really like your personal recommendations. I know there is a "U-Pick" website, but I've found it extremely un-user friendly, not to mention there is no feedback on the quality of the experience from trusted sources, really not from any sources.

So please share your experiences! It's one of my summer joys.

Towards the end of the season last summer, we had a great time picking at South 47 Farms, which is out in Snohomish. They had large numbers of tomatoes, cukes, and also a patch of small, overgrown mix of carrots, radishes, beets. If you can tell what's below from the greens, you can get exactly what you want. We couldn't, really, so it was happy surprises pulling stuff out of the ground. Oh, and they've got a number of bean patches for picking, and apple trees that weren't ready when we got there. And herbs I think. Lots of stuff. And of course, a little stand, for those who don't want to get dirt under their nails.

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  1. McPhail berry farm in Lynden is wonderful. Most of our u-picks up here are good. I live in Bellingham and love going out into the county to pick berries. They're dirt cheap and so good. Just this last year I heard that someone in Blaine has u-pick cherry trees!

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      That sounds promising. And if you have/get more information about the cherries, please pass it along!

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        I finally found the name of an organic farm for you up here. I went repeatedly one year and then the next year completely forgot where it was (I was still learning the area). Blue Heron Lake farm has organic blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. It's not a huge farm and it is less agro-touristy feeling than some of the other places. I highly recommend it.

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        Thank you for the link - do you have a farm here you like specifically for u-pick?

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          For Blueberries, I have enjoyed Bybee-nims. Their location at the base of a sheer rock wall, is spectacular, and they grow several varieties.

      2. Don't know if this is too far for you to drive but Bonnie's Blueberries on Whidbey has u pick and the berries are amazing!

        1. Does anyone know of anything thats open now? I couldn't find any ripe blueberries, but saw hints (but couldn't find any evidence) of strawberries ready for picking, and maybe some other berries. I'd be happy to pick my own anything right now.
          I've been looking online for u-pick berries in Wa all morning, and this little thread has more useful info than anything else I've found. The two sites mentioned here were the two I had been looking at, and I was so excited to find them, but so disappointed with the result.

          The best berries I have ever had come from a small stand out on Bainbridge Island. I've been going there every july for as long as I can remember. It's off the 305 on Day Road (I think it's called Suyematsu Farm). I have never actually picked my own berries there, but it was always offered. They have the sweetest, most succulent raspberries and strawberries I have ever eaten. I usually go over there around the 4th of July and get there before noon, they usually close pretty early in the day.

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            I'm guessing we are 2 weeks to a month before things really start up. My strawberries at home are still small and green.

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              We went to an event at Biringer Farms in Everett over the weekend, and they had no u-pic yet, even though it's on their website and all over their farm (signs I mean). They predicted a couple of weeks.

              What about east of here, over the mountains? My in-laws are moving to Ellensburg (as we speak) and I wonder if there are places near them to pick cherries, peaches, nectarines, etc?

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                Sakuma Brothers just northwest of Burlington has ripe strawberries now, and when we went up to buy a flat I saw they had some u-pick areas. Their berries are amazing!

              2. It's still way too early for raspberries. Whatcom county is a huge raspberry growing area, and the farmers are predicting they might not have ripe fruit until early August this year, as the spring was so crummy. Judging by my own bushes, I think we still have a few weeks till ripe blueberries.