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May 29, 2008 08:15 AM

Suggestions for Amherst/Buffalo Airport Area?

I'll be staying on business in region of Buffalo airport. Any thoughts about good places to eat, relatively close to this area? No particular price range or cuisine, just good!

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  1. Go to
    Look in the "Other Amherst/Cheektowaga section of the "location" section. The airport is located in Cheektowaga.
    Some of the better restaurants are a trip - away from the airport. Check out the site and perhaps you'll want to take a cab or rent a car.

    1. You'll certainly need a car to get to any of these spots, but they are worth the short drive.

      Linguini's is a great spot about 3 miles from the airport, at the corner of Genesee St (Rt 33) and Harris Hill Rd. It's on the northwest corner of the intersection in a little strip mall that includes a gas station, but don't let this deter you! They serve really excellent, casual home-style Italian food (including dandelion greens and seafood pastas) at relatively cheap prices.

      Kentucky Greg's BBQ on George Urban Blvd (north side of street) between Dick Rd. and Transit (only 1-2 miles from the airport) is a good choice for BBQ in the Western New York area. They're food is all good and very cheap.

      There are nicer choices about 3-5 miles away, on Main Street in Williamsville, like SeaBar (excellent sushi and seafood options in a stylish atmosphere), Sole (upscale, well-prepared food), and Trattoria Aroma (northern Italian, great wine list, decent food - though some people love it).

      1. Andersons on Main in Williamsville, Beef on weck, curly fries and soft custard.

        1. Ted's Hot Dogs on Transit. Just a mile or so north of Genesee. Buffalo has made 4 important contributions to Chowhounding -- wings, beef on weck, sponge candy, and Ted's charcoal grilled hot dogs. A foot long with everything -- and burn it!

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            sbp - Thanks for info on Teds. I have a question about location. In doing research, I see a Teds off of Union, very near Airport (where I'll be staying). It seems closer than the Transit location. Is the closer location still there? Is there a special reason you recommended Teds on Transit? Thanks

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              The Ted's on Transit is the Williamsville address -- North of Route 90, by the intersection with Wehrle. It's actually closer to the Airport, though not by much. Both locations are fine. Remember to order their onion rings, too. Very lightly floured (not breaded or battered) -- Addictive.

          2. Original poster here - we'd gone the better dining route during the first part of our NY trip, so in Buffalo did the "fast food" type of dining. Anderson's one night, for the beef on weck, curly fries, and custard. Teds the next evening, for hot dogs. Couldn't find Teds at first, but ended up figuring out it was in the big mall. We found it there in the food court! I hate to say I had dinner in a mall food court. But, you were correct. Onion rings were terrific. The other place I have to mention is Paula's Donuts. WOW!! Loved those doughnuts. We also had great lunch (salads) at cafe at art museum. Thanks for all the good leads!