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Vegetarian Burgers

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We are having a garden party in the near future, and one of our friends is a vegetarian.

Where can i buy a good quality package of veggie burgers in Toronto.

Thanks for your input.

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  1. Hmmmm..... I actually really like PC's portobello swiss veggie burgers.........

    It's tasted better than veggie burgers I've had at restaurants before.

    1. i've been pretty happy with the portobello swiss burgers at loblaws made by PC

      they have a beef one as well....so make sure you buy the correct one for your friend

      1. those portobello swiss burgers are delicious. in part because they have a ridiculously hight amount of fat.
        the licks veggie burgers are good too. again, high fat.
        why is that always the way?

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          I haven't had them in a while, but I'm a fanatical label checker and could've sworn the regular PC veggie burgers and most other non-veggie burgers actually have more fat than the PC portobello swiss veggie burger....

        2. The Lick's veggie burgers are really good. (I do not know if they are vegan)
          We get then at Dominion

          1. Thanks, all, for the tips. Will be checking out PC & Licks.

            1. My favorites are,
              Lick's (as others have suggested)
              Amy's Cheddar Veggie Burger (carried by Whole Foods)
              Turtle Island's Tempeh Burger (I once bought them at the Natural Food store at Kensington)
              PC's Soy Burger

              1. If you have the brand name Quorn in your grocery store, they are fake chicken and they are delicious. I am not vegetarian, but I keep those in the freezer for fast sandwiches.

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                  We don't get Quorn products in Canada, something many vegetarians lament.

                2. The Schneider's vegetarian burgers under the "Oh Naturel" label are very good. I don't mind the Yves veggie burgers either, you can get both at pretty much any grocery store. The Schneider's ones are frozen. I wasn't a fan of the PC portobello swiss veg burgers, the consistency was too cat food-y.

                  1. I like the regular Gardenburger. But if anyone spots some Boca burgers, please let me know.

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                      I read somewhere (probably here...) that Boca burgers are no longer available in Canada.

                    2. I'm vegetarian and LOVE the Spicy Bean burgers by Sol Cuisine....available in the "Healthy" section at Loblaws. They are vegan, gluten free and I believe low in fat....but great flavour and texture.

                      They also do a regular veggie burger which is also quite good. Enjoy!

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                        The new President's Choice mock chicken breasts (in the frozen food section) are quite tasty. Not exactly a burger but it tastes great in a bun...my carnivore husband even likes them = )

                      2. i really like the PC lentil and bean patties .... awesome texture too

                        1. Might be too late to reply to this, but a first question would be - are you looking for 'fake meat' burgers, or are you looking for vegetable patties?

                          For fake meat burgers then I can't recommend the PC 'worlds best meatless burgers' highly enough. My partner is vegetarian, but hates mushrooms, so the portobello swiss ones are out of the question. As has already been mentioned, the reason these are so good is because they're loaded with fat. Still less than a regular burger I think, but not what I would necessarily call a 'healthy' choice. For a 'healthy' choice there is a blue menu meatless burger, still good, just not *as* good.

                          For actual veggie patties (grain burgers?), we're a big fan of the lentil curry PC burgers around here, but I'll be honest, mostly we go for fake meat stuff, so I don't have a broad range of things to compare it to.

                          The aforementioned PC worlds greatest meatless burgers are usually a hit among my carnivore friends too. They're just tasty burgers, veggie or no.

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                            definetly agree. though i'm not a veggie the PC meatless burges are a staple in my house.

                          2. I love the veggie burger at Hero Burger. Not sure what's in it and whether it is high in fat or not, but I wish I could buy them for home. Are any of the burgers suggested in this thread similar to that Hero burger?