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May 29, 2008 07:15 AM

Business lunch on a Sunday near the Convention Centre?

Any fairly upscale suggestions?

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  1. If its a Sunday when the Jays are in town you may want to go to the Royal York Hotel for a quiet meal
    That area around Front St is tourist central on summer weekends.. the upscale restaurants are closed

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    1. re: gwenchick

      This assumes Lemon means the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Front St. There are about a half dozen cc's in Toronto. Lemon could mean the Harbour Castle CC.

      1. re: gwenchick

        I had a business lunch at Epic @ Royal York Hotel on a Sunday afternoon a few months ago. It may depend on your liking, but when I went, we were seated right next to a family with kids, so it was not the best, but manageable. Food was okay, not necessarily spectacular. Overall, I think it can be a decent meeting spot as long as you are seated in a quiet area.