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May 29, 2008 06:56 AM

Ladies Weekend in NOTL - dinner suggestions?

Looking for suggestions for a group of thirty-something ladies in Niagara on the Lake for dinner. Price should be around $100 per person including drinks. Something on the main strip is preferred, but any of the wineries would be okay as well. Any recommendations?

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  1. There is nothing on the main strip that I would recommend (sorry!). But if you're willing to go just 5 minutes off the main strip, I can't recommend the Stone Road Grille enough. You will easily hit your budget there and eat very, very well. The food has a great local focus and has a sense of humour (you can get maple sugar cotton candy for dessert). You'll get the quality of the best winery restaurants, at a better price point, in a great, casual environment that is great for having a leisurely dinner with a bunch of girlfriends.

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      only been once, recently, but really enjoyed stone road grille (note that it's marked with "REST" as its main sign) and found it quite worth the value.

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        I also concur that the Stone Road Grille kicks the arses of the restaurants on the main drag. It's really not that far from town -- my guess would be about a 15-20 minute walk, depending on the part of town (though I can't really recall).

      2. Last summer, I had a decent dinner at a place called Zee's. I saw some mixed reviews about the place - for service especially - after my visit, but I remember the food was decent enough and we drank enough wine not to notice anything particularly bad in service. We brought 2 bottles of wine with us and they charged us I think around $13 for cork fee - which is pretty decent, considering how much a bottle of wine is at any decent resto.

        And I think it is on the main strip, more on the east end.

        1. If your girlfriends enjoy really fantastic food, I would recommend Restaurant Tony DeLuca at the Oban Inn. I've only been once, but our meal was very memorable.

          Here's an example of a menu - with wine pairings.


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            i was not impressed with this place at all.

          2. I second the vote for the Stone Road Grill. Its casual enough that you girls can have a few drinks, get silly and loud and no other diners will be offended. The steak & frites are great as well as the chicken or fish dish. Make sure you make a reservation at least 4 or 5 days in advance. Enjoy!!

            1. Last summer, I had a beautiful dinner at Strewn Winery. It was a 5 course meal with wine pairings for $85 per person. There is a lovely patio at the restaurant there. I found it to be on the romantic side so it might not be the best venue for your group... but I had an amazing experience.