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Berkeley: Moolicious + Beard Papa = Crazy Delicious

The corner of Telegraph Ave. and Channing has just gotten a little more interesting with the addition of Moolicious (now open) and Beard Papa (coming soon).

Moolicious is a new cereal bar for the college student set. Daily Cal says it should be open from 7 am to 7 pm, and that if the store does well, it could expand to Seattle and LA.


Also, next door, Beard Papa is coming soon, taking over the old Ms. Field's spot. Yay!

2395 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA

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  1. Beard Papa on Telegraph? Boy that should do well.

    1. I don't understand why anyone would pay $3+ to have a bowl of cereal poured for them. Add this to the long list of things that are wrong with our world.

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      1. re: SLRossi

        This only makes sense right after Blake's closes.

        1. re: SLRossi

          When I walked by and noticed Moolicious, it initially struck me as crazy, but after staring dumbfounded for a while I realized that one cereal without toppings is if I remember right under $1.50. That's pretty cheap compared with most other fast snack options on the street, or even with buying the smallest packages of cereal and milk at a convenience store.

          1. re: SLRossi

            It sounds crazy, but you have no idea how helpful a bowl of cereal can be on break during a four-hour class. Saved my butt just the other day.

          2. The deliciousness of Beard Papa's imported-frozen-from-Japan shortening dough puffs and canned-milk filling is discussed on the Chains board:


            1. Haven't I heard about this on a sitcom TV show?

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                ah, i just remembered, it was on scrubs...I think it was Janitor's idea.

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                  Reminds me of Scotch Tape Boutique.

                  Or that rice pudding store in NY: http://gothamist.com/2005/02/03/rice_...

              2. Ah refined carbs, dairy products and a quick/easy delivery system...the holy trinity of the college market. That would be Blondie's, Fat Slice, Beard Papa and Moolicious.

                1. I'm doing the nostalgia thing in my head right now and I'm going back to college and
                  I'm trying to think if there was ever a single instance after a crazy night of studying or
                  debauchery or whatnot when I would have wanted to roll over all snuggly and whisper,
                  "honey, let's get up and go out to a cereal restaurant." Nope, would not have happened.
                  I'm thinking it's doomed.

                  On the other hand, grapenut ice cream is one of the most delicious things on the
                  planet. If they get grapenut ice cream going, I'm there in a heartbeat.

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                  1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                    Well, I've noticed that the new style of frozen yogurt places are selling granola and cereal, such as Fraiche in Palo Alto and Jubili in SF, with the same toppings.

                    1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                      What's Grapenut ice cream? Ice cream w/ grapenuts in it, or grapenut-flavored ice cream?

                      1. re: chemchef

                        The former, though of course that makes the latter. Stirred in towards
                        the end of the churning so they've still got a little bit of crunch. Mostly
                        a New England thing: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/412651

                        Grapenut pudding can also be good but it's much harder to keep
                        from crossing the line into the mushy goop zone.

                      2. re: Chuckles the Clone

                        It really is more about convenience than destination. My thought process after two hours of staring at logic games was "Okay, got 10 minutes. Top Dog? Nuh uh, too greasey. Noah's? Too bready, long line. Fat Slice? Not nutritious enough/don't wanna go to gym later. Durant food court? Don't wanna go back to class smelling like sriracha. Moolicious? Ooh. Cereal. And cheap. YES."

                        I give it at least 8 months.

                        1. re: adrienne156

                          I walked by there this afternoon. The hours posted in the window say 11am-7pm seven days a week. So. It's a breakfast place that doesn't open until lunch. The needle on my dubious detector is way over in the red zone.

                          1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                            Makes sense to me. People get up in the morning and get themselves a bowl of cereal before leaving the house or dorm. Moolicious is targeting customers who like to eat cereal as a snack or meal as an alternative to the existing options in the neighborhood such as pizza, tacos, falafels, and burgers.

                            1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                              College students also don't eat or sleep at the normal times that grown-ups do. Especially when you're talking about Berkeley's student body, you just can't view a place like Moolicious through the lens you normally use to evaluate real restaurants in the real world.

                              My guess is that they'll have roughly the same amount of business every hour they're open, and will eventually be open later than 7pm.

                        2. Despite Beard Papa's website promise of a July opening, the storefront no longer has a "Beard Papa Coming Soon" banner and the interior looks untouched. My guess is that this one died a quiet death.

                          1. Beard Papa was open for business on Saturday 11/29. "Grand opening" and "now hiring"
                            signs in the windows.

                            Moolicious was all locked up at 2pm. It looks like there's still life inside.

                            1. Moolicious is closed/gone. Shocking... I know.

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                              1. re: SLRossi

                                Whoa! Precisely adrienne's 8-month prediction a few comments above.

                                1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                                  Should I forward this link to Haas? The law school circuit's getting a bit busy. :)

                                  Does anyone know what will be going into the Moolicious space?

                                2. re: SLRossi

                                  Actually, they listed some salads that sounded interesting, but somehow ,on my way to Amoeba, I always got a falafel at Sunrise Deli or a slice before passing the cereal boutique. I don't think I ever saw anyone in there (and not many at Beard Papa either).

                                  1. re: chocolatetartguy

                                    I've been in Beard Papa a half-dozen times and every time but once, I was the only person in the store.

                                    I'm not predicting their demise or anything, but this makes me wonder.

                                    1. re: Agent 510

                                      I wouldn't worry about Beard Papa. I live right around the corner (I'm a student), and there are almost always people in there.