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May 29, 2008 06:40 AM

Publix Greenwise in Boca

Publix Greenwise is opening in Boca today. This is their 2nd store, the 1st one opened in Palm Beach Gardens. It's a Whole Foods type of store with lots of Organic & prepared foods. I can't wait to try it out!

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  1. If you get the Sun-Sentinel, this morning's paper had a Greenwise wrap with a $5 coupon.

    1. I've been going to the first Greenwise in PBG since they opened. They are having a tough time attracting the WF's crowd, which is just across PGA Blvd. This area is not short of money as far as clientel goes, but not everyone is loaded. I find that this place is more expensive than regular Publix and the only reason I go is for the short lines. You can't buy everything there, just like WF's, and requires another visit to a regular Publix. They don't have your regular cheeses available like Cabot or Cracker Barrel, only the deli type stuff.

      I have no interest in organics and often wade though them to get to my normal products. But if you like WFs, then you may like GW. The crowds at GW from when they first opened have dropped considerably. Prepared foods and bakery section looks killer, although I haven't tried them.

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      1. re: freakerdude

        You say they are expensive (GW), but that is the same experience at (WF), as the employees call it at (WF), they call it Whole Paycheck!

        If it weren't more expensive than Publix, it wouldn't be in the same vein as Whole Foods!

        what is the address? We live in Miami Beach but are in Boca every Sunday so we may stop by to check it out.

        1. re: jmdhsmiami

          Boca Village Square (just west and behind the Town Center Mall)
          21230 Saint Andrews Boulevard
          Boca Raton, FL 33433-2435

          Main: (561) 544-2422

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            I know you are not the source of this issue, but If we educated people about why the American food supply -- the corn-syrup laced sweets, the hormone stuffed meats, and the pesticide glowing fruits and veggies, maybe we wouldn't dwell quite as much on the price.

        2. I'm with you, I can't wait to check it out. We are supposed to get one in Coral Springs, but we're not even close to it yet.

          1. I went yesterday for was packed, of course. Tons of Publix execs there from what it seemed. It is really nice, looks alot like the Palm Beach Gardens one, but smaller. They had a great producs section, with fruits and veggies I have never even heard of. They do have some "regular" publix stuff there, but most of it is the non-perishables like canned goods & cereals. The prepared foods seemes a little pricey, but I ended up getting an $8 salad, which was actually really good and huge, I couldn't even finish it all! Prices vary...some things are more expensive than whole foods and some things are cheaper. Maybe Publix is trying to build near Whole Foods? This one is only a mile away from one as well.

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            1. re: butrfli1227

              I remember the location now, it was an old Publix. I remember shopping for the in-laws there.

              1. re: butrfli1227

                There's no doubt that they are after the WFs clientel not only by products offered but by their locations. They're giving it the litmus test and the PBG location did not win over many customers from WF from what I have seen. And they are advertising quite a bit about this second location. I heard one radio commercial and saw an ad on TV yesterday. With the economy and the rate of food price increases, they will have a hard time getting new customers to upgrade from the regular Publix. I'm definitely on a budget and have reached the end when it comes to putting more down for food. I will continue to shop at GW PBG for some things but will not be dropping all of my money there. My thoughts on organic food is that you either go all out or not at all.....there's really no in between.

                GW is heavily promoting the green products that are enviro friendly. Consumers have been through this before with the dye free products like detergent and then things like soft drinks. If something is without dyes, is it really Earth friendly or is that just how we perceive it? I don't think anyone is ready to shell out more $$$ for Earth friendly products right now. Of course, many products claim to be manufactured with an Earth friendly process. Just who is monitoring this Earth friendly classification of products? Nobody that I know of.

                FYI - prices at GW PBG were pretty good at opening and then slowly bumped up as expected for a new store opening. And these increased rates were higher than the normal food increases at the time.

              2. I'm furious with Publix for opening their Greenwise in the same cities that already have Whole Foods. Meanwhile those of us who live in West Palm have to drive 25 minutes north or south to get to the nearest organic grocery. I've given up and started ordering from delicious organics instead of making the hike; although lake worth does now have the very small grateful garden on M street (for which I am grateful).

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                1. re: zenana

                  I understand what GW is doing from a business standpoint. They're testing the competition directly to see how their new concept will fare.

                  Isn't there a downtown WPB Green Market with local vendors on weekends? I believe it's from October to April though.

                  1. re: freakerdude

                    I went Sunday and we picked up some vegetables. Beautiful space and it reads like walking thru a WF. Not sure if due to they hype of a "new thing" in Boca that it seemed the produce was picked apart (empty containers) and very crowded. It was like 2 staff to one customer and walked by 4 employees standing in the middle of the chaos in the produce section talking!

                    I will have to reserve judgement and go later on after the hype has subsided. I would assume just going to WF in the mean time. But I will say that I wasn't all that impressed. I felt like I walked into a knockoff of an original idea. Would like to hear more about the prepared foods as we were going to dinner with family and couldn't entertain looking at them. Publix is not known for their prepared foods in relation to what you can get at WF so I am curious as to the quality, variety, price, and last but most important, taste.

                    1. re: jmdhsmiami

                      One thing is certain at the PGA GW, they must to toss a lot of prepared foods and desserts b/c they really don't sell much except for lunch or dinner periods. The desserts look too frou frou for me, but I am not their target customer. This store is not doing well as far as customer traffic is concerned.