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May 29, 2008 06:17 AM

What's best in Little India

I'm looking for good, cheap, and well, spicy. Where should I go, and what should I order?

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  1. Start with the thali at the Moti Mahal.
    Butter chicken if ordering the non-veg option.

    1. I like Udupi Palace - they were written up in the Star yesterday....

      The Thali was so hot, I started to tear up.

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      1. re: Apple

        I second the Udupi Palace-- although I know there are some mixed opinions on this place. I looove their dosas and the dish with the chick peas and puffy pancake thing I can't recall the name of (though I am not a fan of the hot stuff, so neither of these are uber-hot items). The thali is definitely beyond my spice tolerance :-)

      2. I'ld suggest the buffett at the Regancy on Gerrard which I quite enjoy. The benefit of the buffett is that you can try a few things and find out what you enjoy! I love their butter chicen and fresh naan is brought to your table. Some things on the buffett are spicy, some aren't.

        1. Motimahal is my regular too. I like the Chicken Tikka & Naan special. I hear good things about Mahar, though, but haven't been as yet. Went to Lahore Tikka the other day. Found it too rich. Not too spicy, just like they killed the chicken with spices, a real assault on the senses. Their kulfi was awesome, though.