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May 29, 2008 05:44 AM

Green City Market

I'm going to be visiting Chicago soon for the first time and I love going to city markets, would we able to grab something for lunch while we walk around? Besides eating fresh fruit, are there any sandwiches or prepared foods available as well?

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  1. I can't speak for Wednesdays, but on Saturdays you would definitely be able to get lunch. There are sandwiches, crepes, several bakeries (some of which offer items like slices of quiche), and, if you get there early enough, slices of pie (which is maybe not the healthiest lunch, but one of my favorite farmers' market lunches nonetheless).

    1. By lunchtime most of quiches (at least the slices) are likely to be gone. We go for breakfast and at 9 am we have pretty good choice. Not so much by 11 am.

      1. I was there this past Saturday, and note that there is also a vendor selling organic burgers. The burgers are pretty good, but be forewarned: They are $9.00, not very large, and there are no sides (not even a bag of chips). And, I waited well over ten minutes for the burger.

        The crepes were good. The vendor ran out at one point but later refreshed its supply.