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Nantasket Beach?

I'm considering one of 4 places on Nantasket Beach for a casual birthday dinner. I love fried clams so that's a main consideration but also want to take into account: fun, casual atmosphere; prices; menu selection (one of us doesn't eat seafood); fun drinks.

So who would get it? Bridgeman's, Jakes, the Red Parrot or the Schooner?

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  1. For fried seafood, Jake's is a decent option. But for great food in general, I'd go to Bridgeman's. Their Mediterranean/New American dishes are excellent, IMO, and the atmosphere is nice (and they have outdoor dining).

    The food at the Red Parrot can be hit-or-miss, though it's a good place for drinks and the outdoor deck has great views. And it's full of local character.

    1. I'm not crazy about the food at the Red Parrot, but the rooftop deck is certainly festive. Jake's is just ok, food-wise, and you can't sit outside, which is a shame. I'd probably hit Bridgeman's if food was the only consideration, Red Parrot for more of a celebratory feel.

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        I agree with gini's suggestion. Bridgeman's has good food, and is a favorite of mine in the area - but less fun / casual, and the outside seating does not have the same views. prices can run high there too.

        Curious why the Ocean Club (I think that's what it's called) doesn't make your short list. I have not eaten there - so can't speak to the food - but the outside area right on the beach could be a nice option.

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          Just to answer my own question about the Ocean Club...it's probably not on your list because the food is atrocious. Ate dinner there recently with four people, and between us we had the baked haddock, baked scallops, and steak tips. The seafood was borderline inedible, and the scallop plate had a hidden steak tip surprise amidst the pile of scallops...nice touch. Best part was that they all came out with not vegetable medley as advertised, but rather a gigantic helping of heavily spiced, mashed butternut squash...like it was thanksgiving. it was weird and horrible.

          that said, still looks like a decent place to have an outside drink...just don't eat...

      2. Skip the Red Parrot, unfortunately, their food has really gone down hill. Bridgeman's is great if you're looking for something more upscale, but if it's fried clams and casual you're looking for you may want to consider Schooners. The bar side is comfortable and has ocean views, staff is friendly and the menu is varied. I like Jakes, but generally feel rushed there. Another place to consider in that area is DiNero's.

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          Looks like it's narrowed down to Schooners and Jakes and will check out DiNero's. Thanks all and keep 'em coming!

        2. I agree with Peg, that Schooner's is probably the best bet. Very consistant fried seafood (I don't eat much anymore) and non seafood selections that get good reviews from companion diners. Prices are reasonable, and it's kind of a fun seaside location. Free parking. If you want Italian, Mezzo Mare has very good homestyle food, with lots of seafood selections. And their fresh!

          1. La Dalat (Vietnamese) is also in that same area, innit? How is it?

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              I had dinner at La Dalat a few months ago, and it was surprisingly good. They have a big bar area, too.

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                I agree on La Dalat, We had a great meal there last summer, and that Schooners is a great place for fried food, just not crazy about the atmosphere

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                  I have to say, I wasn't all that thrilled by Schooner's when we went a few weeks ago. Tough to tell by just one meal, but I think I'd rather go to the nearby Hingham Lobster Pound or Jake's Seafood, based on my meals there...

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                    I grew up eating from the Hingham Lobster Pound and aside from a bad lobster we got from there once, love it but isn't it still just take-out? No place to relax with friends and eat dinner

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                      There's a public beach maybe a mile away. You have all the condiments and utensils you need. What's more relaxing than a meal on the beach?

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                        Yes. In the past, we've gotten food from the Hingham Lobster Pound and gone up to Fort Revere Park in Hull, kicking back in our portable chairs and enjoying the views and the breezes. Very nice indeed!

              2. I took some family to Jakes last week -- for "New England style fried seafood" type faire... they really liked it... I don't eat fish or seafood, but I even liked their French Fries! It was a bit expensive... but everyone in the group got big portions, and felt the food was good quality.

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                  Unfortunately one of our group doesn't eat seafood and Jakes doesn't have much besides seafood. Maybe we'll leave her home that night.....................

                2. For what it's worth, Allstonian and I took a detour through the main drag of Nantasket Beach on our way back from a day at Duxbury Beach in search of dinner, and as charming as the area is in general (one of these days, I want to check out that arcade, it looks like the sort of place that'll have a forgotten Dig Dug or Hogan's Alley in the back), we looked at all of the available options twice and then decided to get back on 3A and hit Hingham Lobster Pound instead.

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                    Although we did ponder on the strong recommendations here for La Dalat and Bridgeman's. Unfortunately, we were not in the mood for what either of those places offers - too bad! But we have something to look forward to if we go another time.

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                      When I would go to Duxbury Beach, I would always stopped at Pier 44 in Scituate for a lobster on my way home. Then they were bought out and the menu changed so I haven't been back. Has anyone been lately? I'm not even sure if it's still open.

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                        The old Pier 44 is now called "On the Water"and is open but I have not eaten there. Did stop in for a drink and the place appears to be busy with the same nice view. Satuit Tavern across the street is also a good take for bar pizzas.

                  2. Haven't been in a couple of years,but last time we were there for a few day get-a-way we had gone to Schooners twice , once to eat in and once to take out ( we stayed at the Nantasket Inn and brought our food back since my uncle was feeling lousy!). Fried Seafood was excellent both times!. I view the Red Parrot as more of a place to go for drinks.....maybe I am biased since my hubby was a bouncer there during our college days ;)