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May 29, 2008 04:49 AM

Roy's ribs: Tampa

Has any been to Roy's in Tampa lately and sampled their ribs. We were there in March and they changed them. Just were not the same. Lots of gristle, didn't hold the sauce well, etc. Wonder if they may have gone back to their old, marvelous ones.


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  1. I didn't even know Roy's had ribs. Everytime I have eaten their I have had seafood.

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    1. re: rhnault

      >>I didn't even know Roy's had ribs. Everytime I have eaten their I have had seafood.<<

      They've always had them as far back as I can remember which is Maui early '01. Always as an appetizer, although in the old days, I've had 3-4 orders as a main course... that's how good they were.


    2. I don't know about their ribs, but I've been really disappointed in my last two meals at the Roy's in Tampa and don't plan to go back unless someone tells me they've gotten their act back together. There is much better food in the area at Roy's price point.

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        I am sorry to say that I agree. Sorry because we had a really excellent meal at Roy's the first time we went, about a year ago--service, food and atmosphere were all top notch. But this was followed by two mediocre experiences. I, too, hope they can improve, but with so many other places to go in Tampa, I don't know when I'll be win the mood to give them another shot. (Love those ginger daiquiris, though...)

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          I agree with you. After another lackluster Friday dinner out I am just about through eating out unless it is a small locally owned ethnic establishment.

          1. re: rhnault

            We went there on Thursday nite (29th). Waitress really put the rush on us. Just sat down.. didn't even have our napkins on our lap and she wanted drink orders. She was back in about a minute. I basically ignored her until she got the message. Food was ok. Toro was expensive and not as good as before... about a year ago. Ribs were advertised as the same as last time, so I passed. I asked the waitress about them and she skirted the question.

            Supposed to go to Capital Grille tonite. Never ate there. Any thoughts???


            1. re: fjs08

              I've been to Capital Grille for lunch.
              Excellent burger, and service to match. (My friend was wearing black, and the server immediately changed out her cloth napkin from a white to a black one - how's that for above and beyond?).
              Expensive, but I'd love to go back for dinner.

              How was your experience?