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May 29, 2008 03:58 AM

Crab King - Newark

Anybody know anything about this place? I can't find much by googling. A former co-worker who grew up in Baltimore, swore by it for crabs. My wife is from MD and I'd like to surprise her for our anniversary.

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  1. You may be looking for.....

    King Crab Inc

    230 Miller St
    Newark, NJ , 07114-2422
    Phone: 973-824-7981

    Products Description:
    Whol Fish/Seafood Ret Meat/Fish Processed and prepared meats, Meat and poultry products, Meat and poultry, Frozen fish, Shelf stable fish, Fresh fish, Shellfish, Aquatic invertebrates, Aquatic plants

    1. I used to go there with my dad about 30 years or so ago. It was great, we would buy the bushell of live crabs and cook them at home. I'm glad to see the place is still in business.