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May 29, 2008 02:16 AM

Dinner near Los Gatos on Sunday

Will be visiting grandma in Los Gatos on Sunday. If I could get away with it, I'd probably head into Silicon Valley and get me some Indian, but I think we'll need somewhere more "respectable". I'd be tempted to do Manresa, assuming I could get a reservation, except that may be a little too avant garde from my gram. Last time we did James Randall's ( ) which was good, but a little boring for me. My grandma mentioned some Greek place she likes. Not sure what it's called. Her and I hit Amber India on Santana Row before as well.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    1. If you don't order the tasting menu at Manresa, you're probably safe since you have several options in each course. I'd go for it. Nice place/not stuffy, fresh produce from their garden and it tastes good.

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        Is it business casual? That's all I'm bringing. Damn weather. No one should ever have to wear pants.

        1. re: extramsg

          Business casual is more then enough. I saw people with polo shirts (no jacket). In the summer with "nice" shorts (whatever that means) they'd probably seat you (don't hold me to it). If you're going with Grandma I'd wear pants, make her happy and avoid hassle.

      2. You and grandma night enjoy Tapestry. I think they do a better job than James Randall.

        1. Take Granny to Dio Deka. You and her will love it. Great food with lot's of people watching.Order the lamb chops. The lamb chops are fabulous.

          1. The four course option at Manresa is $95. If you are willing to spend the loot, it is by far the best choice. Perhaps the best restaurant in the Bay Area. You can certainly dress business casual.

            Just thinking about their veggies makes me want to go there now!