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Where To Eat near York Beach ME

Rented a place in August near Long Sands Beach in York Me. Looking for some recs for Breakfast,lunch and Dinner. Some kid friendly suggestions would also be grreat as my daughter who is 3 is a future Hound. Any markets to buy food to grill ?

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  1. There are many places in the York beach area,you can try. There is the Cape Neddick Lobster Pound, on Rt.1a right outside of York Harbor(http://www.capeneddick.com/) There is the Lobster Barn which is right on Rt.1 headed north toward Ogunquit. Very rustic. and good for children. There's a really good burger place on Rt.1 north. Its called Wild Willy's (http://www.wildwillysburgers.com/) Hope this gives you a few different places you can try. There are many more in Ogunquit about 5 miles north on Rt.1 Hope this helps you. Enjoy Earle Ct.

    1. I'd stay away from Mike's Clam Shack, the place just couldn't do a thing right as far as food and service when I was there about 3 weeks ago.

      There's a great Sunday brunch buffet in the conference room building of the Union Bluff Hotel. Didn't have a single bad thing, the omelettes in particular were well cooked and used nice fresh ingredients. I think it came to $26 for two of us including a few glasses of juice and coffee, before tip.

      Grab a half dozen hot dogs at Flo's for lunch as well, tasty stuff.

      I'd have more input but we were only up there for one day, and the other meal was at Foster's Clam Bake, just so-so and I think it's only for larger groups.

      edit: We saw a place while driving south on 1A from York Beach, along where you are driving next to the ocean with just a concrete barrier seperating you from the waves. There are parking spots on the beach side of the road in the area. There was a restaurant right up against the water, I forgot the name however. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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        I believe you are talking about Sun n' Surf across from The Anchorage. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and it is part of The Anchorage. I have not eaten there but I am staying at The Anchorage next month so if anyone has been there of if ratbuddy goes, please let me know how it is.

        I recommend Lord's in Wells for great and relatively inexpensive lobster and fish. They also have wonderful home made desserts. This is not an "upscale" place but the food and service are good and it is great for families.

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          The place I am talking about is here, on the right side of the road: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&amp...

          It looked interesting and must have a great view from the back..

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            Lord's was recommended to us last summer and we went. Big mistake. Trying to get any (repeat any) attention from the waitress was futile. She just could not tear herself away from a chatty group (of which she was the chattiest). So much for service. The food was not to be recommended either. This experience has put the kibosh (in my mind) on the place on US 1 as well which is connected by ownership. Too many other places in the Wells/Ogunquit area.

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            Yes, you gotta go to Flo's for hot dogs. It's on route 1, a little trailer building with a lot of cars out front and picnic tables at the side. You will have to wait in line in August, but it's so worth it. Order more than you think you'll eat, you won't regret it, and it makes the wait worth it. Flo's also has other locations now where the wait might not be as long, but the classic little old place is the best. Whoever's working that day will at some point ask everybody in line inside how many dogs you want, but that's all she wants to know at that point. She puts that many dogs in to cook, then she'll go through the line again to find out what you want on your dogs and what drinks or chips you want, and you pay her. Ask people in line about what to order - "the special" with mayonnaise, Flo's cooked carmelized-tasting onion relish and celery salt (sounds weird, tastes amazing), or an "everything" etc. Try a can of old time Moxie soda pop too.

          3. There are two very special gourmet restaurants but not kid friendly- Blue Sky at York Beach and Aneke Jans in Kittery. Robert's Maine Grill inKittery, inthemiddle of theshopping malls, isvery good and kid friendly. Cape Nedddick Lobster Pound is a good suggestion. Barnicle Billy;s in Ogunquit in PerkionsCove is very good with kids- sit outside onthe deck and the kid can feed the fish oyster crackers. Bob's Clam Hut is very good- same owner as Robert's Maine Grill. Have a good time.

            1. The Fisherman's Catch in Wells is awesome! I also agree about Wild Willy's burgers and Barnicle Billys.

              1. Stayed in the area on vacation in the past and had a nice, kid-friendly lunch at The Goldenrod. http://www.thegoldenrod.com/ The candy they had was good, too.

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                  Goldenrod, right near York Short Sands Beach, is fun for kids (and adults). You can see the salt water taffy being made in the windows, and you just have to get salt water taffy from Goldenrod when you're in York. The arcade is right there too, and you can play skee ball together, another family fun must-do. Memories.... we spent a week or two every summer in York growing up.

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                    and it's the only restaurant i've ever seen offer a cream cheese and jelly sandwich on their menu...yummy!

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                      Mmm..and egg salad with bacon, and cream cheese and olive. I love the Goldenrod. So old-fashioned and delish.

                  2. Snacks: Pie in the Sky Bakery, corner of Rte. 1 and River Rd., Cape Neddick, for, yup, pie. Brown's Ice Cream, across from The Nubble, for, yup, ice cream. For markets, if you're around on a Saturday morning, try the Gateway Farmers Market, held next door to the Stonewall Kitchen complex on Rte. 1 near the Turnpike exit. Stonewall makes incredible sandwiches, and has outdoor seating--good for kids, but food is adult oriented.

                    Try Ship's Cellar Pub in the lower level of the York Harbor Inn--soups, salads, sandwich and more. For pizza, ribs and kid friendly 'tude: Ruby's Genuine Wood Fired Grill. For burgers, Wild Willy's, one of a small chain.

                    I also really like Frankie and Johnny's Natural, a way funky restaurant with an eclectic menu--lots of vegie choices as well as meat, too. House-made pastas are excellent. Portions are huge. It doesn't take credit cards; bring yor own booze. They're have always been kids around when I've gone. By the way, it usually looks abandoned from the parking lot, but there's a lot of life beyond that facade.

                    Another spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner fixings to go is Food & Co., a combo gourmet foods store and cafe tucked behind a bank just off Route 1 at the light with 1A in York. For good grub, go to Rick's All Seasons Cafe, on 1A in York Harbor; serves breakfast and lunch, and maybe dinner a few nights, too. This one's more a local's spot.

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                      Unfortunately, it looks like Food & Co. is out of business.The last three times we drove by the flag was not up and it was dark. Pie in the Sky is great but their pies are VERY expensive- I think more than $22. I also think Franki and Johnnie's is expensive and weird, but have not been for awhile and will take your word for it that it is good.

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                        Hate to hear that about Food & Co. It was a great stop--ez on/off highway, good food, quick.

                        I never buy a whole pie at Pie in the Sky, just a slice.

                        Yes, F&J is weird, but good. As for price, when I've gone, entrees could easily feed two. But, haven't been yet this year.

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                          Great suggestions!! thanks for the help.

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                            Great suggestions! Thanks for the help!

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                              Any places for Great chinese or Thai/ Non americanized. My wife is a Chinese lover and despite my insistense on great seafood the conversation will come up about some chinese. She is a tofu, chinese Broccoli, white rice type of gal. Where should I look. Figure Kittery to Wells as I will travel. Thanks for all your help.

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                                There is a new restaurant on Route 1 inWells called East-it is a very beautiful place- the owners went to China to buy materials- woods, marble etc for te building. They serve Chinese, Thai and Japanese. It is very large. However, we ate there once and were not impressed with the food- we had Chinese.

                      2. Hounds sorry for getting back late but we had a great week in york.I ate tons of steamers and drank some good beer. In the rough on rte 1 was great mussel madness tuesday gave you 8 oz of mussels for 250 I had them as well as some steamers, which were very good.The meal of the week however, was at Robert's Maine grill near the outtlet stores. I got a bowl of chowder and of course steamers. Everything from service to food was great. Chowder was awesome very thick with lots of clams. Steamers were insanely good made with garlic and beer. Huge portion but I ate them all. Wife had the seadfood platter{fried] which she loved. Also had agreat lunch at weathervane with my 3 yearold. steamers and chowder of course. she had had chicken and fries.