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May 28, 2008 11:32 PM

Los Angeles Metrolink: Gold Line and Red Line

Any great places within walking distance of Gold Line and Red line metro stations?

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  1. Yes.

    (You're asking for food in Pasadena, Highland Park, Chinatown, Downtown, K-Town, Thai Town, MacArthur Park, Hollywood, and NoHo. That's a huge selection. What are you looking for? Pastrami? Tacos? Thai? Armenian? Cantonese?)

      1. Just to avoid any possible confusion, the Gold and Red Lines are Metro, not Metrolink. The latter is a completely different rail service.

        1. FWIW, K-Town is on the Purple Line. Spun off from the Red Line some time back.

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          1. re: Akitist

            You can still get to the Wilshire/Western station on the red line, right by Opus.

            1. re: SauceSupreme

              A technical correction. The Wilshire/Western and Wilshire/Normandie stops are purely Purple line stops. The Purple line shares the track with the Red Line from Union Station to Wilshire/Vermont, at which point the Red Line goes north towards Beverly and the Purple line proceeds west to Normandie.

              1. re: love2eat

                Oh good call. I know it's officially the purple line but all the signage still indicate it as a red line (also, the trains themselves call it the red line).

              2. re: SauceSupreme

                Actually, the Wilshire/Western station is at the end of what is now known as the Purple Line. The Wilshire/Vermont and Wilshire/Normandie Purple Line stations are also K-Town adjacent.

                In addition, several of the (still) Red Line stations are adjacent to both Koreatown and Thai Town, not to mention Los Feliz Village and downtown Hollywood.

                And the Westlake/Macarthur Park station (Red/Purple) is the best of all possible ways to get to Langer's.

                Langer's Delicatessen
                704 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90057

            2. Hollywood/Highland -
              25 Degrees in the Roosevelt for burgers and wine.
              Beard Papa in the Hollywood/Highland center for cream puffs.
              Skooby's for hotdogs, french fries, and good lemonade at Hollywood/Cherokee

              Hollywood/Western -
              Yai - Thai food. I enjoy their Panang. Its at Hollywood/Wilton in the 7-11 Center.

              Sunset/Vermont -
              Zankou - Armenian Sunset/Normandie

              Santa Monica/Vermont
              El Gran Burrito - Great Pastor and Asada tacos or burritos.

              End the day at Wilshire/Western -
              Kyochon Korean Fried Chicken and a stiff drink at Frank N Hank's.