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May 28, 2008 11:31 PM

Pacific Palms vs. Universal Hilton for Wedding?

I'm trying to decide between Pacific Palms and Universal City Hilton for a Chinese Banquet wedding. Both are pretty pricey and I've been playing around with the numbers trying to customize my own "package." The Hilton's decent banquet price is $688/table where as the same set menu under their wedding package is $988/table. Of course that includes alot of the extras which I probably won't need. Pacific Palms only sent me their wedding package. PPR's decent menu is set at $1350/table which includes tip & tax. If you calculate it out, both PPR and UCH cost about the same per table. Anyone have pointers on how to best save money while going the "hotel/resort" route? Anyone have success stories in bargaining/dealing with these two locations? Should I go the PPR route or UCH route? Personally, I LOVE Prince Seafood in Cerritos, but my parents prefer country club/hotel setting. Any other venue suggestions?

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  1. Recent poster inquiring about a wedding at Pacific Palms

    1. Hi cvanavi,

      I went to a cousins and a good friends Wedding at Pacific Palms and just loved it... I personally would go with PPR because of the atmosphere, there is so much more than just the Hotel. There is so much for your guests to do, such as golf, spa, etc. There is really no comparison of the 2. Looks like their pricing is similar, if that is the case I would most DEFINITELY go with Pacific Palms, it is so gorgeous and your guests will LOVE it... Let me know if you needed any other advice as I've attended Weddings there. - Good Luck

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        hi sophiesmom1,

        i could really use some advice on weddings at PPR as well. i'm considering booking PPR for my wedding next year, but we're going to go with the western style dinner menu (3 courses). have you tried their food? how was the service? i've heard mixed reviews about PPR, so i'm really nervous about booking them. any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

      2. Go with the Universal Hilton, much better food quality. PP might be a little fancier, but not by much. It's in the City of Industry, and I remember they had shootings years ago on the street by the entrance. So, it's not the best of neighborhoods. Once you get there, the resort itself is nice.

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          I don't know about weddings, but I've been to both buffets and the Hilton IMO is waaay better. I live 5 minutes from the Palms, but I'll drive all the way to Universal City for the buffet instead. That probably didn't help you much, but if the buffets are an indication of the rest of their food, I'll take the Hilton.


        2. Thank you everyone for your inputs. It's such a hard decision to make. I'm thinking I might want to crash some weddings at the hilton & PPR to see the place in action. Once again, thank you!

          1. As I had mentioned in the other thread, they do have non-package prices at Pacific Palms. Or at least, they had these menus when I got married. I had my wedding there about two years ago and had a menu that was about half the price of the package prices. They just don't advertise those menus.

            I actually had a great experience with my wedding. The person I worked with was very helpful, and my guests were very happy with the food and the ambiance. It's not the BEST banquet food in the SGV, but I think for a hotel it is one of the better ones.