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May 28, 2008 11:04 PM


Seems like this mysteriously got deleted, but anyway: I haven't heard anything about Vizard's since the move to the Alberta space? Any experiences to share?

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  1. I went to Vizard's in its new Magazine Street location last Saturday evening. Each course was wonderful and the quality of the food has not been lost in the move.

    Unfortunately, the restaurant is much to big for the space. Though there are only about 50 seats, it seems as though it is 15 too many. The noise level is ridiculously high. I struggled to hear people at my own table and we had to shout before the waiter could hear our orders. Tables are crammed together and waiters and patrons trying to navigate around your table while you're eating is awkward. I left disappointed in the atmosphere and won't be returning on a Friday or Saturday evening.

    1. Food is so-so. Noise is unbearable.

      1. My sister went last week with her in-laws, table of five. She thought everything was great, said the place was full but they never felt rushed, and she didn't mention the noise. Her all-time favorite is Brigtsen's, but Vizard's definitely ranked right up there with her.

        1. I agree
          Atmosphere is unbearable. We had 7:00 reservations. Sat at 8:00 and when we left at 9:30ish there were about 20+ people waiting outside!
          Great food... bad spot!