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May 28, 2008 11:00 PM

Visiting Creve Coeur...

and looking for a fun place for dinner for my daughters (who are driving down from Indy) and me (who is visiting from San Fran) for the Sex in the City premiere on 5/30! someplace non-chain, hip and with great food (we don't ask much!)... think .. NYC in St. Louis. Thanks so much!

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  1. drive to clayton 15 min. many restaurants but my current favorite is Oceano ( great seafoodand appitizers)

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    1. re: rothdan

      thanks so very much.. how do you feel about "terrene"? also, if you're ever in san fran, shoot me an email and i'll be happy to reciprocate!

    2. I don't know much about Creve Coeur's dining scene. But I agree with driving into Clayton. A super hip place is's always packed....young crowd. Araka is a new hip spot in Clayton....good patio seating. Roxanne's is a hip young spot. Have never eaten there but have had drinks. It's where to be seen late night. Oceano is great as well. Have fun!

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      1. re: CheesemongersWife

        thanks so much.. come see us in san fran, and let me know how i can help with recommendations when you get there!

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          I'm eaten at roxanne. the food is bistro-style and pretty good. the portions are normal sized (you probably won't be taking anything home) and the prices are resonable. I had the hanger steak with grilled asparagus -- the steak was done perfectly, although the asparagus was a bit greasy.

        2. Agree that the best choice of good restaurants is in Clayton, which is a straight shot east on Highway 40 (depending on the construction) or Olive, Ladue, or Clayton Blvds. Oceano Bistro serves good seafood, is a bit loud inside, and has nice patio seating when the weather is good. Araka is very pretty and barely a year old. Some are rating Pomme as among the best restaurants in town lately. We had a great dinner at The Crossing during their amazing 10th anniversary celebration (still remembering that crab cake) and they planned to extend the specials through May -- entrees for $10, starters, pasta, and dessert for $5 a course -- incredible value. Cardwell's has a nice bar and used to have that metro vibe, but their most popular days may be behind them.

          Don't neglect driving to the south city to Ted Drewe's for their famous frozen custard. A St. Louis landmark. If you want to eat in that neighborhood try Iron Barley or The Pitted Olive, both very casual but surprisingly good food.

          I, myself, love and crave and miss St. Louis pizza, with its ultrathin crust and provel melty cheese. And gotta start with some "toasted" deep-fried ravioli, with the tomato sauce on the side for dipping. But that's another thread. (Cafe Manhattan on Hanley in Clayton is my favorite, Imo's is the local chain.)

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          1. re: nosh

            wonderful nosh.. thanks so much .. the offer about san fran extends to you too of course.

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              definitely second ted drewes - it is an institution -

          2. there's not too much along the "hip" end out in creve coeur.

            I live in clayton... second the rec for roxanne -- reasonable prices and portions, thoughtfully seasoned food, good wine list.

            araka looks great and everything I've heard about has been positive. I personally haven't been there though.

            miso is a good "hip" yuppie-ish place if you're into sushi or pan-asian.