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May 28, 2008 10:04 PM

3 Days in Alsip

I'll be accompanying my wife on a business trip. We'll be staying at the Doubletree in Alsip & I won't have access to a car in the daytime. Any lunch suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. My suggestion is the Doubletree in Alsip. Honestly, there is NOTHING within walking distance of that hotel, and it's not in an area where taxis are common. There are a lot of interesting places within a 15-minute drive of there, if you get a car, let me know and I'll make some suggestions.

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    1. re: Mizer

      A friend is coming from Belvidere for lunch on Wednesday, so can travel for lunch then, but she doesn't know the area. Also, I guess we'll be looking for dinner places, too, and we will be able to drive then.

      1. re: lunabliss

        14025 S. Cicero

        Best pizza in the area. Founded by one of the original chefs at Uno's.

        4849 W 95th St

        Another good place for pizza and old-school Italian.

        For high end there is Vie in Western Springs and Courtright's in Willow Springs. A search here will yield numerous reviews of both restaurants. Note that both are about 20 minutes from the Doubletree during non-rush-hours.

        1. re: Mizer

          Thank you...just found out from the wife that we'll be staying in Oak Brook instead. Sigh. I will have the car, though, after all.

          1. re: lunabliss

            There are a lot of eating options in Oak Brook. You may want to search the board - use "western suburbs" as well as "Oak Brook" for your search. (Vie and Courtrights, recommended by Mizer, for high-end dinner options are within 10-20 minute drive of Oak Brook.)

            For lunch, there is a Portillos in Lombard (one suburb to the west of Oak Brook), which will give you a taste of Chicago hot dogs. Also in Lombard is an outpost of Greek Islands, for moderately priced, well-prepared Greek Food.

            There are a lot of other choices in the Oak Brook area. You may want to give us more information about the kind of food, atmosphere, and price points that you are looking for.

    2. Alsip? Um, I suggest you stay home & wait for the next trip.
      But if you go anyway there's J.C.'s Pub at 131st & Cicero. Its been years since I've been there but I remember a great marinara w/ fennel. They have bocce courts to kill some time.

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