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May 28, 2008 09:45 PM

Crab Entree?

Where can one get a crab entree in Toronto restaurants?
Lots of places offer lobster as an entree, but crab only seems to come as an appetizer in salads or crab cakes, or if it is a part of an entree, it's either an ingredient in curry or sauce or accessory to a piece of meat.

Anyone know where I could get a great meal where crab is placed centre stage?

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  1. Sure - go to O-Mei (Hwy 7, north side, at Valleymede, about a mile west of the 404 ). They usually have 5-6 lb crabs that they will prepare for you in four different ways. There's quite a hit to your pocket book, though. Most Chinese and Vietnamese places also offer crab entrees - in black bean sauce, or soy ginger, or curry.

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      The specialty crab at Omei is Alaska/King Crab, it is different from other places mentioned here (like Lemongrass) where they use Vancouver crab. Both are really good.

      However, a Alaska crab with 5-6 lbs is too small, won't be enough for doing 4 ways. To do it 4 ways, it has to be at least around 8 lbs. 12 lbs is better. You can also do it just with 1 or 2 ways. Also, call the restaurant before you go, they may not have it, summer is not a good time for this kind of crab.

      1. re: skylineR33

        Skyline....since (from what I read here) you eat at these kinda places more often than me (o-mei)

        roughtly what does it cost to order a dish like this? (crab 4 ways) and will it be enough for 4 people?

        1. re: ssainani

          The alaska crab is ~$230 for a ~8 lb crab. For bigger size, it is not always available. 8 lbs will be enough or more than enough for 4 people. Or you can order a smaller crab and some vegetable dish to eat with it. It is better to call them first for availability.

          It is quite expensive, provided that you can get a live alaska crab at T&T for $13 or less per lb sometimes ! Of course, what one makes at home is different from the 4 ways they make at Omei.

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          I have recently had the lobster four ways at O-Mei, and it was delicious, but a couple of months ago we had the giant Vancouver Crab, and I prefer it the simpler method, as I enjoy the delicacy of the crab meat not fussed up.

      2. Lemongrass on Bayview has drunken crab -- a whole crab, cut up in white wine, butter and a ton of garlic. It's really delicious and messy.

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        1. re: TorontoJo

          Hey, we're on the same wavelength today TorontoJo! I'm not crazy about the food at Lemongrass overall but the drunken crab, the garlic shrimp with rice noodles (I can't remember if that's the exact name) and the house rice are all really tasty.

        2. Bistro Camino has crab cakes (croquettes to be exact) for mains. Before having it, I wondered if there would be enough, but the portion size is good.

          You didn't specify if you want crab meat only or the whole crab in shell. For the latter, many Asian restaurants do a good job with BC crab.

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          1. re: Teep

            And I've also had the crab cake entree at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. 3 ice cream scoop sized cakes that's mostly crab that I couldn't finish. But it's too heavy and I'll take Camino's any time.

          2. Rodney's Oyster House has whole Dungeness crab, boiled and cracked on their menu.

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            1. re: wildphoenix

              I don't understand why restaurants boil seafood like lobster and crab, all the seafood sweetness goes to the pot of boiling water ! They should always be steamed, not boiled, with all the seafood taste and sweetness trap in the seafood itself.