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May 28, 2008 09:10 PM

French bistro in OC?

I live in Irvine and am craving a casual, moderately priced French bistro a la Mimosa in L.A. Sure I know that Marche Moderne and Pascal in OC serve excellent French cuisine, but I am looking for an informal left bank type of bistro like Mimosa. Does such an animal exist?

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  1. I've never been to Mimosa, but (please correct me if I'm mistaken) I recall a low key place in Newport by Lido and the Edwards/Pavilions over there. Wonder if that is remotely close to what you're looking for. The name is escaping me....

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      There is a place called Le Bistro on the water. It is more Mediterranean than French. You might be thinking of Pescaudo Bistro across the street. Very much a French Bistro.

      I have never been to Mimosa, but a can pretty much guarantee these restaurants are not at that level, but I have enjoyed both on several occasions. Le Bistro for the view and Pescaudo for the decent French food w/ a relaxed vibe.

      1. re: cdmedici

        Those are exactly what I was thinking. Thanks for the good memory!

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          Thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately I don't believe that Pescadou is that good...certainly not in a league with Mimosa....and Le Bistro's menu is definitely more Mediterannean than French. So, I guess I'm still looking! Thanks though.

          1. re: josephnl

            I've actually had 2 surprisingly good meals there - had to be dragged back there the first time, but felt they did a good job and such a small charming family-run place it's hard to diss. For MUCH more casual, Pascal's Epicurie or Picnics on 17th in Costa Mesa.

            1. re: torta basilica

              We used to go to Pescadou all of the time when it first opened many years back. It went downhill and then they sold to a relative. I have heard it is much better now.

              Another French bistro I forgot to mention in Newport is called Bistro Le Crillion in the East Bluff shopping center. It is next door to Sage restaurant. I had an amazing meal there about 5 years ago. I am not sure why I haven't been back.


      2. And there's alway Pleasant Peasant behind John Wayne airport. Also family-run.

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          Pleasant Peasant sounds so intriguing but hadn't heard of it before. Here's their homepage:

          Found only good comments on the Net but many were 5+ years plus old - their website menu lists general prices but they've probably gone up since the last update which was several years ago . . .? Has anyone been there recently? Thanks for the lead, OCBites!